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The Good Twins Baby chapter 1

Neither has Dad’s

Neither has Dad’s frown. “If you’ve got the need to stick your cocks in anything with two legs and a pussy, then do it anywhere but here in my boardroom.” Dad’s on a roll. I can tell from his expression. For starters, his eyebrows look like they might sustain an injury, the way they’re performing those gymnastic routines. That and his eyes are boring into the two of us. This means he has to turn left, right, and left again. He’s doing it with such force it looks like he might snap his neck. “I can see I’m going to have to make some changes before I retire,” he sighs. Ah, crap. If I were on the edge of my seat before, then I’m practically up in arms now. I’ve worked my ass off at this company in preparation for Dad’s retirement. Today’s supposed to be the day of his big announcement. I’m not pleased to hear about any changes right now. Red. I see red everywhere. Surely, the old bastard won’t change the rules now. He wants out of the CEO chair just as badly as I want into it. I thought today was going to be about handing over the reins, because the old man was retiring. My eyes find Lawrence. I’m furious about this prospect—he just looks annoyed. “I’m not going to leave the family business to irresponsible pricks like you two. Two guys who can’t think beyond where their next pussy comes from.” He shakes his head. That doesn’t just piss me off because it’s not true. I mean, it’s been quite some time since I’ve stuck my cock into any pussy—and I’ve got my reasons. No, no, it pisses me off because for as long as I can remember, getting tail is all Dad has cared about. The fucking hypocrisy boggles my mind. “This is a family company, boys. And right now? The two of you are not family men.” I think Dad must be projecting, since he’s got more bastard children than he can count from just as many baby mommas—but he looks dead serious about it. “So I’m giving you an ultimatum. You both get the next twelve months to find a girl, marry her, and get her pregnant. In fact, the first one to do this will get to run the company. And if neither of you can do this, one of my many other bastard sons can run this joint.” Thunderclouds pass across Lawrence’s face. The storm is brewing and about to boil over. “You can’t dictate who we knock up and when.” His voice is dangerously low. Our father is unimpressed. “Last time I checked, I own the company—and you two are only here because you’re my children. I choose to let you be here. My company, my rules.”

“And where are we supposed to find such a girl?” I ask, not wanting to have open war with the old man. There’s a tiny smirk in his face. “Ah, don’t worry, that’s under control. I’ve got a surprise for you.” Lawrence and I look at each other warily. Our father’s surprises rarely ever bode well for us. What the fuck has our father cooked up this time?

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