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on my food and the food I sell to people. It’s also healthier. Plus I am a big advocate for supporting your own community. I want to plant locally, grow locally, harvest locally and sell locally.” If one is interested in growing their own food, but doesn’t have the land like Howell, he said no worries. A small garden can still produce the same quality of food. To start he said you have to build a good eco system. “First start with the soil,” Howell said. “You want to go online and research the helpful ways in bringing in natural bio matter to the soil and by that I mean natural pollinators. On the edge of my gardens are sage, flower, and lavender. All of those bring in the natural pollinators, bees and butterflies. What these natural pollinators do is help get those plants to bloom, which in turn then create a deterrent for insects, rodents and deer. The insects, rodents and deer do not like aromatic stuff, so those will help keep them out of your garden.” “Next you want to remediate your dirt,” he went on to say. “Black gold is a nice over the counter organic fertilizer. Also knowing where to plant certain things and what natural elements to put on them is key too. For example for blackberries, flowers, herbs, etc. use natural ground cover, pine straw. Pine straw is a natural acid raiser, which is what you want for those plants. For vegetables like eggplants and cucumbers you want something like a hard wood oak mulch. That keeps the soil more base than acidic.” Lastly Howell said for watering there are two different times in the day to do so. He said in Georgia especially, you don’t want to water in the middle of the day because the sun will just make the water evaporate and the plants will not get what they need. “You want to water your garden in the early morning or late evening,” Howell said. “You want it cool enough and out of the sunlight where the plants can get the first feed off of it. It’s also really good to set your sprinkler to a timer. That way you know that your garden gets the water it needs everyday. What there is no set time on is when to harvest your garden. Plants are like sunrises. It depends on when you plant them, the weather and irrigation cycle. It can fluctuate. So the sun can sometimes rise at 7 a.m. other times it rises at 7:30 a.m. Some plants take 90 days to mature while others are anywhere from 30 to 45 days. Soft grains and lettuce mature fast, while plants like onions and garlic, you can plant those in the late fall and they won’t mature until late spring.” “But I truly do enjoy farming and gardening,” he went on to say. “I like my hands in the dirt and seeing the food grow. I like watching it from start to finish, the reward of eating it and the older I get I like the reward of sharing it. Don’t get me wrong selling my food is great too, but it’s not important. You’re definitely not going to get rich doing this, it’s for a totally different type of reward and it’s a great feeling.” Howell sells his produce at the Perry Farmer’s Market. The market is held every Saturday in downtown Perry on 901 Carroll Street from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. 14 Spring HOME & GARDEN 2018

What “Every Day” Means Every day at Lasseter Equipment starts by opening our doors, turning on the lights, and getting ready to help our customers with John Deere products and solutions. We’ve built strong relationships with many of our customers, and every day, we show them how much we truly care about their lives and their needs. Every day for us is about more than great equipment and being nice. When a customer walks in, we are eager to help. Every one of our customers is unique with different needs. We’ve heard it all. From, “I have a vegetable garden, a lot of trees, and I need to mow, haul, mulch and plow,” to, “I just need a riding lawn mower for a couple acres.” And we always listen. We suggest John Deere equipment that’ll get the job done within their budget. Every day to our customers means that they can expect the right solution, no matter the size of their property. At Lasseter, you can find everything from the smallest lawnmower to the biggest piece of equipment for 50 plus acres. And every day at Lasseter, it’s all about solutions. The right John Deere can make a workday much simpler. Every day, our customers can expect quality equipment and courteous service. First-class seating Every day, first-class seating is available on every piece of equipment. You spend a lot of time on that yellow seat, and it provides the level of comfort you’d expect from a John Deere – not to mention, operation is a breeze. After all, owning a John Deere is owning a first-class tractor. It’s something you’ll work hard for, because every day, it’ll work hard for you. Products for every property Every day, Lasseter offers the full line of John Deere products for all types of properties. Our lineup includes products for homeowners, landscapers and farmers. There are even Gator utility vehicles for when you’re looking for a little less work and a little more play. We specialize in John Deere products, but we have a vast knowledge of our other inventory, too. It includes KMC, Amadas, Brown, Unverferth, Rhino, Vans, Lewis Brothers, Athens, and Kuhn, as well as Soil-Max drain tile plows. Parts and service Every day, we strive to keep your John Deere equipment running exactly like it was the day you bought it. Our highly trained technicians are second to none and will provide the highest level of knowledge, care, support and expertise while keeping you involved in your machine’s maintenance. With seven locations stocked with parts, you can expect to get the exact one you need fast. Who we are Every day since 1956, we’ve built relationships in the farm equipment business, and our customers have always known they will be treated fairly and be valued when they deal with the Lasseters. We now have over 190 employees and thousands of years of combined experience. Our only motivation is to truly help every customer who stops in, with the equipment, implements and service they need. Here at Lasseter Equipment, it’s our everyday. Spring HOME & GARDEN 2018 15

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