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HHJ Spring Home & Garden


SAVE MONEY THROUGH EVERY SEASON While saving money through greater energy efficiency may be a year-round objective for many consumers, the way to achieve this goal will vary by season. Several factors impact energy efficiency, including weather, the age and condition of the home and desired comfort levels. During fall and winter months, when the outdoor temperature is chilly, consumers desire a warm home and seek to keep the cold air out. Conversely, in the spring and summer, the focus is on keeping the hot air from infiltrating cool abodes. Fall and winter: Keeping heat in To maintain a warm indoor environment in chillier weather, there are simple steps you can take to increase energy efficiency. Fall is a great time to examine seals on doors and windows to check for air leaks. Caulk and weather strip as needed to seal in warm air and energy savings. Similarly, examine outlets for air leaks, and where necessary, install gaskets around the outlet to prevent drafts. During the day, open curtains or drapes on south-facing windows so sunlight will heat your home naturally. Close curtains or drapes at night for an added layer of window insulation. As the temperature drops with the onset of winter, schedule a service appointment for your heating system to ensure it is operating at an optimal level. Low-cost or no-cost steps for energy savings include taping or affixing heavy, clear plastic to the inside of your window frames to create an additional barrier against cold air. Ensure that the plastic is tightly sealed to the frame to help reduce infiltration. Use a programmable thermostat to set the temperature as low as is comfortable when you are home (ideally around 68 degrees). According to the Department of Energy, these small adjustments can help you save on heating costs. Spring and summer: Keeping your cool During warmer months, energy savings and efficiency will require different measures. Where practical, plant trees and shrubs that provide shade in warm months and sunlight in winter. In addition to the aesthetic value, well-placed trees can take heat gain from the sun and provide needed shade by creating a canopy for the house. In extremely hot weather, your cooling system works harder to close the gap between the high outdoor temperature and the cool indoor thermostat setting. To lessen the difference in temperature and to lower cooling costs, set the thermostat as high as you can while maintaining your comfort level. Moreover, using a ceiling fan in conjunction with your air conditioning can allow you to increase the thermostat setting to approximately four degrees with no reduction in comfort level. During the hottest months, it’s all the more critical to replace any remaining incandescent bulbs with LEDs. The waste heat from the old bulbs impacts energy use and creates unwanted heat. Employ a programmable thermostat to adjust the settings a few degrees higher when no one is home. To learn more about additional energy-saving tips and programs, contact Flint Energies at 800.342.3616 or go to

Building Starts Here “Building Starts Here”, and Warner Robins Building Supply Company has been serving the Middle Georgia and Robins Region area with quality building materials and hardware for over 70 years through their Warner Robins and Perry locations. Warner Robins Building Supply may have started in 1947 as a supplier of building materials to the local professional contractor community, but it has grown to be a building supply company that has eight locations with retail stores and lumberyards that serve central and north Georgia, western North Carolina and the South Carolina Foothills region. The north Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina locations are known as either Mountain Building Supply or Henson Building Materials. So no matter what market they are in, “Building” is in their name. Some of the services that set them apart from other building supply companies are door and window fabrication and customization shops, commercial door fabrication shop, garage door shop and an installation department that can either install, or advise you on the best way to install any product they sell. Their seasoned sales staff and fleet of delivery vehicles can make your building experience more convenient and enjoyable by bringing their years of knowledge and materials to your jobsite or home. That’s why they say, “Building Starts Here”. In addition to supplying pro-builders and contractors, Warner Robins Building Supply also meets the needs of homeowners as well with their Homeworks Design & Remodeling Center that has a kitchen, bath and flooring showroom and design center. Remodeling services by their professional staff are also available at the Warner Robins location along with installation and repair of garage doors and openers. Warner Robins Building Supply has the largest millworks showroom in Middle Georgia at their Watson Boulevard location with a full-line of products that include windows, doors and trim molding on display. They also have a millworks showroom in their Perry location at 612 Ball Street. Lastly, their Commercial Division serves commercial building contractors with hollow metal and fire-rated doors along with bathroom partitions and accessories. “Our customers are assisted by both in-store and outside sales staff that have decades of knowledge and practical experience, and are always anxious to serve you. We offer both stock and custom order items to meet any need you may have in your building or remodeling projects,” said Jim Taylor, Business Development and Marketing Manager. “No job is too big or too small for the Warner Robins Building Supply Installed Sales department.” “We fully support our loyal contractor customers, but can also offer installed services for any of the products we sell. Warner R obins Building Supply Company’s knowledgeable staff is here help you with your building project. Visit them today! The Warner Robins location at 2756 Watson Boulevard Monday - Friday 7:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. Saturday 7:30 a.m. - Noon The Perry location at 612 Ball Street Monday - Friday 7:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. Saturday 8 a.m. - Noon Visit our website: “Like Us” on Facebook for all the latest happenings at Warner Robins Building Supply Spring HOME & GARDEN 2018 21

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