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Painting – Tips,

Painting – Tips, trends and more Story by James Simpson II, Journal Staff Writer | Photos by Geoff Dale & James Simpson II Wellston Decorating has been a staple in Warner Robins for 32 years running and continues to make customers decorating experience in their homes worthwhile. Wellston Decorating specializes in all things flooring, to window fashion to painting to paint sundries, and most importantly decorating. Wellston Decorating provides services like inhome measurements, installation and interior design consultation. “Services we provide are installing wood tile, laminate floors, LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile) and window treatments,” said Billie Carriker, who is the co-owner of the store, along with her son, Trent Carriker. Paint is one of the top-tier products Wellston Decorating sells and it comes from multiple brands like Pratt & Lambert, Richard’s, Cabot Stain, Old Masters, chalk paint from CeCe Caldwell’s, which is a popular hit with woman these days and “normally any paint that people would put on furniture because you don’t have to prime the furniture to do it,” says Carriker. When it comes to painting there are many factors that customers have to take into account when purchasing the liquid. “Some might not know this but you can put oil-based paint on anything but you cannot put latex paint on everything because it will peel off. If you take denatured alcohol and rub it on your woodwork and the paint comes off, it is latex. If it doesn’t come off, it’s oil and that’s usually for people who have older houses,” explaining Carriker, as she broke down some vital information about the do’s and don’ts of painting. Price ranges for paint at Wellston Decorating differ and they hinge on what someone is painting, what they need and how much paint they plan on using. “It’s not as simple as saying I want paint,” said Tara Gilpin, an Interior Wellston Decorating Owner Billie Carriker. 6 Spring HOME & GARDEN 2018

Designer at Wellston Decorating. “You have to ask what kind do you want? What are you painting? How much do you need? Is it something we can match too?” As far as explaining the difference between interior and exterior painting, leave it to Paint Manager Ken Brooks to describe. “There’s less painting going on outside than inside due to the vinyl siding, brick and vinyl trend. A lot of cedar shakes are being used on gables now and most of those are natural and not stained,” said Brooks. One aspect of the job that Brooks thrives on is matching colors with a handheld color matching tool, which makes it easy for designers and remodelers to find matching colors. “He does a beautiful job at matching colors,” says Carriker. Other areas that Wellston Decorating focuses on are the different levels of sheens they have in store. “We have four main types of sheen and they are flat, semi-gloss, gloss and satin,” says Carriker. continued on next page Spring HOME & GARDEN 2018 7

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