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Double Stuffed Chapter 1

Double Stuffed Chapter

Chapter 1 Leila I tie my long brown hair into a bun and take another deep breath through my nose. Feeling like I’m all thumbs, I finally know what that saying means now that I’m jumbling my fingers into a ball. I shake my head, let my hair drop, and start over. “They’re going to be amazing, girl,” Chase says in a comforting tone. “Don’t stress.” He’s reading me again. He’s pretty good at it by now. My best friend knows me well. “I know…” I’m displaying my new invention—scone stuffed cones. It’s super exciting, but I’m still anxious. I love my scones, and I hope everyone else will agree. “Relax, you’ve got this, Leila. Everything is perfect.” Chase is a great guy, a good roommate, and the perfect employee. To think, I nearly didn’t hire him. Well, to be honest, I still want him to trim his hair and beard, but I’ll worry about that later. Popping the fifth—or is it sixth?—mini scone into my mouth in what’s only been half an hour, I say, “Maybe I should try another one?” “Not like we’ll run out of samples, right?” He laughs, unlocking the front door. He’s teasing, but there’s truth in his words, too. Countless samples have already passed my lips, each one truly delicious. Why am I doubting myself so much?. “Wait,” I say, fixing the display one last time. “Okay. I’m ready.” “Ready?” “Yeah.” Smiling, I say, “Ready.” Chase turns the “We’re Open!” sign before I even get the words fully out of my mouth. “Beans & More is now open!”