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West Point Woodworking 2018 Catalog

Available Sizes:

Available Sizes: Lynchburg TRESTLE 42" x 62" 42" x 74" 48" x 62" 48" x 74" Solid Top or 2-16" leaves on ends • 1 5/8" thick reclaimed barn wood top • Mission edge • 16" leaves on end of table • Reclaimed barn wood base with levelers • Reclaimed wood can have knots, gouges, cracks, and has mixed "Oak" species and are "as is" 136

Rescued from Ruin... Old Barns have always been a rich part of American History and without a doubt were at one time “The family gathering place” as the family gathered to milk the cows and feed the farm animals. These old gathering places are being transformed to a new gathering place where friends and family can sit down and share a meal on a piece of American History that would undoubtedly have many a memory to share and story to tell. When you invest in a beautiful reclaimed barnwood table you are not only investing in a table that will become a family heirloom, but you are also saving a piece of American History from rotting away to a heap of rubble. Every old barn that is rescued from ruin also saves an average of 35 trees from being harvested. Lynchburg Trestle ...from an old weathered barn to a beautiful table. West Point Woodworking llc 137

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