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“I couldn’t imagine

“I couldn’t imagine anyone else capturing our wedding day. John David’s knowledge of light and quick thinkintg got us so many beautiful images from our wedditng. I couldn’t be happier.” -DAVID R. 2018-2019 WEDDING GUIDE | 2

PHOTO PHILOSOPHY For me, weddings aren’t solely about dates, locations, table settings, or cakes. It’s about an incredible story between two people who are committing their lives to one another. It is the story of two families coming together, in all the blessings and all the pain that have been present on their journey. There are a lot of wedding photographers out there, some doing it purely for income. I’m not. I want to know the nitty gritty stuff. What makes you who you are, what are you passionate about, what brought you together, etc. Something you should know off the bat, my approach to wedding photography is very different than what is typical in the industry. I’m sure you’ve already seen some of the gimmicks while planning the day. I am all about relationships and the ‘things’ that stir within us. 2018-2019 WEDDING GUIDE | 3

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