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Speaking of the sweep of

Speaking of the sweep of his relationship with Sheen, Dykstra grasps for words. “It can be described as a tragedy, a meltdown, a calamity, a cataclysm,” he says. He was photographed Nov. 8 in New York City. THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER 64 FEBRUARY 7, 2018

THE DOOMED HOLLYWOOD He’s a burnout major leaguer nicknamed ‘Nails’ and an ex-con hustler who made (and lost) millions, but none of th at could have prepared LENNY DYKSTRA for BROMANCE his friendship with wild man Charlie Sheen, who he alleges is a dangerous criminal about to be taken down by the Feds OF LENNY AND CHARLIE By GARY BAUM Photographed by WESLEY MANN THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER 65 FEBRUARY 7, 2018