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Spring Break Bride Chapter 1

Spring Break Bride Chapter

Chapter 1 Nicole Holy shit. I can’t believe we’re here. “Allison, did you see that?” Allison only rolls her eyes and nods. Okay, so I’ve been saying “Did you see that?” for the last hour or so…actually, since we left home. I mean this is the first time I’ve travelled to Europe—or anywhere, really. Well, maybe not anywhere, but anywhere for pleasure. So far, my life’s been one beauty pageant after another, and one long diet. Since we left home, I’ve already eaten more than I usually do in a month. It feels great. Goodbye and farewell forever, beauty pageants. “Yes, Nicole, I did,” she says and gives me a playful slap on my shoulder. “And yes, I’ve seen that, and that, and that.” “I still can’t believe we’re here, Ally. I mean Venice, the city of…” I stop. “Water canals, opera, and Carnevale de Venezia,” my best friend finishes for me. I nod. I’m so excited, I think any second I might pee myself. It’s a pity Ryan won’t arrive till tomorrow. “And we’re staying at the Aman Grand Canal,” I take a deep breath and close my eyes. I’ve studied its website sooo closely, I could recite the description word for word if I had to. The Aman is as exquisite as the city of Venice itself. It’s fair to say it embodies Venice. The hotel is set in a sixteenth century palazzo on the Grand Canal of Venice. It’s home to museum quality treasures, including Tiepolo frescoes, gilded ceilings, and century-old leather wall coverings. I clap my hands, excitement swooping through me. “Did I mention the Clooneys got married there?”

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