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Hard Bargain

I close my eyes, biting

I close my eyes, biting back my temper. I can’t lose it and blame Leon for his outbursts. “Language, Leon,” I say. “And this isn’t personal. It’s business. You of all people should know that.” Leon’s temper turns into rage. He stomps his legs when he marches around the table toward me. I hold my ground and look up at him when he comes closer, my expression blank. He’s about to push me past my limit, especially when he points a finger in my face. “You don’t know what’s good for this company,” he shouts. “Leon,” I start, but his temper has taken over. His eyes go a little crazed, and I wonder if it’s wise to keep him on when he’s acting like this. Leon grabs the closest chair and throws it. It bounces away awkwardly – it’s a standard office chair with a padded seat and metal frame – and hits the wall. Lucky for Leon, it doesn’t damage anything. Leon storms past me and out of the meeting room. I’m left behind with the taste of anger still on my tongue. I sigh and scrub my face with my hands. Insubordination like this is wrong. If he does it in front of any of my employees, I’ll have to let him go. So far, it’s only happened in front of me, and I feel sorry for the guy. I probably shouldn’t – we all have shit in our lives. But the man seems more and more unhinged by the day. And this irrational reaction to Kylie? It’s too much, even for Leon. I push myself out of my seat, right the chair Leon threw, and leave the meeting room. When I go down the third floor – one floor below mine, now – Kylie is at her new desk. The promotion is effective from today. She’s a vision. Long wavy her, the blond so dark some call it light brown, hangs over her shoulders. She hasn’t seen me yet, but I know without her looking at me that her eyes are the color of chocolate. Once you’ve seen them, you can’t forget. A splash of freckles on her nose makes her look younger than her twenty-eight years. I walk to her desk, and she looks up at me. When she sees it’s me, she smiles. It spreads across her face like a sunrise, and I smile back at her. She’s beautiful, but it’s not just a perfectly sculpted face that gets me. She’s fucking hot. She has one of those classic hourglass figures with large breasts, an impossibly small waist and an ass that you can hold onto while you fuck. And I’ve thought it about. God, help me, I’ve thought about fucking Kylie Jordan. There’s something about her that’s irresistible. When she’s not smiling her lips are in a permanent pout. I can imagine what it would be like having those lips close over my cock, those big brown doe

eyes staring up at me. It won’t be just a fantasy much longer. There are things I know about Kylie. Things she has no idea I’m aware of. Things that she’ll live to regret if I have anything to say about it. It’s almost a shame that someone as fucking gorgeous as she is will have to go down in flames in the end. But at least I’ll enjoy myself making it happen. I shake off the dark thoughts and clear my throat, giving her a disarming smile that she has no reason to think is anything but sincere. “What can I do for you, Mr. Wagner?” she asks. She called me Mr. Wagner in the interview, too. I fucking love that. I want her calling me that while I’m hammering her from behind, but in an effort to keep up the friendly boss act, I shake my head. “Call me Wes, please.” She smiles again. “And I want you to come to the meeting room with me. I’ve got some paperwork for you to fill out.” She nods and gets up. I watch her move. When she walks around her table, she rolls her wide hips, and I turn away, so I don’t stare. She follows me to the meeting room. I wait for her, let her walk in first, but I don’t close the door behind us. I know my limits. I don’t want to lock myself in a room with her, not today. She’s got a spell over me with her rolling hips and her fuckable mouth, and I don’t want to risk being alone with her. Not yet. I’m a professional, but God, the way she moves has me hanging on by a thread right now. “What did you need to talk about?” she asks when I tell her she can sit down. I sit down, too. “We need to handle the paperwork,” I say. “And then you’re officially my new project manager.” She smiles widely. “I can’t believe this is happening,” she says. I smile, too. She looks so genuinely happy. It’s almost childlike. I have to hand it to her. She’s good. If I didn’t already know what I do, I’d never suspect she’s anything but authentic. “Your talents were wasted down at reception,” I say. I don’t know why she was hired as a

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