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Hard Bargain

eceptionist in the first

eceptionist in the first place. She should be so much more with her MBA backing her. Now is the chance I know she’s waited for to prove herself. “Thank you so much for the opportunity,” she says. I shake my head. “You deserve it.” She nods. I push the new contract toward her, and she starts reading it. It gives me time to stare at her without her knowing. It’s like poker. You have to know who you’re playing against, find their tells. Her skin is like porcelain, smooth and blemish free. I want to reach out and touch her. I don’t. Her blouse is a royal blue, and it makes her skin look paler. It’s perfectly modest, but it’s made of a thin, flowing material, and it traces her ample breasts. They rise and fall as she breathes. She looks up at me, and I force my eyes to hers. “I signed it,” she says. I smile at her. “Then that’s it,” I say. I hold my hand out to her and she shakes it. Her skin is soft when she touches me, warm, her fingers delicate. When she stands, I can’t help but look at her body. She’s wearing slacks tight enough that they look painted on. I’m drawn to the apex of her thighs where the slacks are smooth over her pussy. My cock throbs hard and insistent in my pants. It hits me hard. I want to fuck her so badly. I don’t know where it came from – I’m not an animal for God’s sake. I pride myself on my control in every situation. But I want to take this woman. I can’t stand up now without her seeing my erection. It strains against my pants, wild and trapped. It wants out. It wants to fuck. When I look at her eyes again they’re large. Her lips are parted, and she swallows. I don’t know what she’s thinking, but I swear she’s thinking dirty thoughts, too. The atmosphere is electric around us. I look at Kylie’s lips, and we’re caught in a spell where time stands still. I can close the distance, now, and kiss her. I want to push my tongue into her mouth. I want to taste her. My cock throbs in my pants. Despite the lust the churns inside me, I manage a hard smile. “I suggest you go settle into your new desk, Miss Jordan,” I say.

“Call me Kylie, please,” she says, mimicking what I said to her. Fuck, if her sassy attitude doesn’t make my cock even harder. I nod. She smiles at me and leaves the meeting room. I slump in the chair. My cock is so hard it aches. I consider going to the men’s room and jacking off, relieving myself, but I don’t. I stroke myself with one finger and my cock twitches. I wait until it’s gone down enough to be able to get up. When I walk to my office, I’m irritated. I want to fuck. I want to fuck Kylie. She’s so fucking hot it’s almost a sin. Hot and pure and so seemingly innocent. Can I really ruin that? Fuck, yes, I can. I didn’t expect my reaction to her to be so intense. I don’t need to let my lust cloud my judgment. I need to keep my head in the game and only think about her in that way in relation to my endgame. To winning. To coming out on top like I always do. But I want to see her naked. I want to lick her and kiss her and suck her. I want to fuck her. Almost as much as I want to fuck her over.

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