4 months ago

5 Days Diary

Day 2 I spend most of

Day 2 I spend most of the time at home, playing videogames with a friend. As per usual, we’d start with FIFA 18, a game that we both enjoy. It’s a competitive game where we play 1 versus 1 to see who is better (usually the loser pays for the taxi & buys food). It was a good day for me, since I won. After our gaming session, I started studying for my English exam that takes place on Saturday, 2 days from now.

Day 3 It’s Friday! It is one of the best days of the week. After finishing school, you’re free for 66 hours. Today it was the pre-exam day for me, so I had to study & consolidate what I’ve learned. I managed to write 8 essays. After this, I looked at some rules regarding the graphs & pie charts in the exam. By 8PM, I was done & my friends invited me to a pizzeria. We ate and had interesting conversations for 2 hours. At 10 PM I went to bed so I could wake up in a good mood the next day.

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