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Georgia Peach Farm


Georgia Peach Farm PROPOSAL – John Hancock PRICING SUMMARY PRICING ASSUMPTIONS AMOUNT Plan Assets – Estimated $2,000,000 Annual Contributions – Estimated $150,000 Number of Participants with Account Balance 50 SETUP & PLAN DOCUMENT FEES - (FIRST YEAR) AMOUNT Plan Design & Setup Fee $2,000 Initial Plan Document Fee $1,000 TOTAL GROSS SETUP FEE (one-time only): $3,000 ANNUAL ADMINISTRATION FEES AMOUNT Participant annual charges ($25 per ppt.) $1,250 Base annual administration $2,000 Document Maintenance Fee $400 TOTAL GROSS ANNUAL FEE: $3,650 TOTAL GROSS SETUP & ANNUAL FEE: $6,650 LESS 1 st Year RK CREDIT (if any) 1 : $6,500 NET 1 st YEAR FEE 2 : $150 NET ANNUAL FEE (Year 2 onwards) 3 : $2,650 = $3,650 - $1,000 1 Please see Terms and Conditions for more details 2 If "Net 1 st Year Fee" is negative it will be applied to the next year(s) admin fees 3 RPA Annual Fees ($3,650) – Estimated 2 nd and Subsequent Years RK Credit ($1,000) RPA 6 | P a g e

Georgia Peach Farm PROPOSAL – John Hancock LETTER OF INTENT Georgia Peach Farm Please review the pricing assumptions made to generate this proposal. If there are any changes to be made, please let us know and we will update this proposal. Once this form is signed, it authorizes RPA to finalize and prepare a service agreement. PLEASE SIGN BELOW Plan Sponsor Title: {$Sponsor_Title} Plan Sponsor Name: {$Sponsor_Name} Plan Sponsor Signature /s1/ RPA 7 | P a g e