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The Salvation Army 2017 Impact Report for the tulsa Metro Area Command


A MESSAGE FROM OUR LEADERSHIP J. Pat Baldwin, Advisory Board Chairman Dear Friends, I would like to take a moment to thank you for your continued support of The Salvation Army and its ministry in Tulsa. Since 1906 The Salvation Army has been serving Tulsans in need and lives have been forever changed because of its ministry to our beautiful city. Because of your generous support, people in need have a place to turn for assistance. I am truly honored to serve as the chairman of The Salvation Army’s Advisory Board and I am humbled to serve alongside some amazingly gifted people. The work The Salvation Army does is very important to me because it’s personal. The Army helped a family member of mine several years ago when he was going through a dark time. I saw first-hand how God used The Salvation Army to reach him during that time and I will always be grateful. When natural disaster strikes you can count on The Salvation Army to be among the first on the scene to bring relief and care in any way possible. We saw that commitment come to life this past year as multiple hurricanes struck our nation and other countries. More than 18,000 people are served by our six Boys & Girls Clubs each year and we are in the process of making great improvements to the programs that will make their work even more amazing. Our Center of Hope homeless shelter meets basic human needs and is never closed. We serve nearly twice the number of people the Center is built for each night, with families and children our highest growing population. Fifty to sixty of our guests each night are children. Our Pathway of Hope social services initiative seeks to break the cycle of poverty for many who cannot do it alone. If you have not already done so, please consider participating in our Power of 12 campaign. These funds will help us in our mission to be the hands and feet of Christ in the Tulsa community and will help us cultivate new donors so that we can continue our work far into the future. If you already support the ministry of The Salvation Army I want to sincerely thank you. If you are looking for an organization to support, I assure you this ministry has the highest level of accountability to ensure every dime you give is used to do the most good. Thank you for supporting us and making Tulsa a better place to live. God Bless, Pat Baldwin Advisory Board Chairman The Salvation Army, Tulsa Pat Baldwin 4

A Brief Look at Our History T he Salvation Army was founded by William Booth of England in 1865, the premise being one of providing outreach and hope to those who were seeking physical, emotional, and spiritual guidance and assistance. The Salvation Army expanded to America in 1880, and has been operating in the Tulsa area since 1906. For the past century, the Tulsa Metro Area Command of The Salvation Army has been dedicated to the service of its community’s needs, whatever those needs may be, and without discrimination. The Salvation Army has worked tirelessly through wartimes, economic struggles, environmental disasters and everyday challenges facing the needy, to bring dignity back into the lives of those who have needed a helping hand. Over the past 112 years, as the Tulsa area population grew, so did the services offered by The Salvation Army: • 1906, The Salvation Army is established in Tulsa • 1910, Sapulpa Corps is established (relocated in 1997) • 1926, Sand Springs Corps was established • 1940, Adult Rehabilitation Center (ARC) was established • 1944, Red Shield Club was established • 1958, current ARC was opened • 1959, current Mabee Red Shield Club was opened • 1973, North Mabee Boys & Girls Club was opened Captain Brinton Fleet Breeding • 1978, Charles Page Sand Springs Corps Community Center and Boys & Girls Club building was opened • 1979, John E. Mabee Broken Arrow Community Center and Boys & Girls Club was opened • 1984, social services building, Area Command and Shelter was opened (current Center of Hope) • 1992, Jim and Rosemary Close Gym at West Mabee was opened • 1995, Area Command administrative building was purchased near downtown Tulsa • 1997, Sapulpa (Creek County) Boys & Girls Club building was opened • 2001, new addition to the Social Services Center Complex was opened and facility renamed “Center of Hope” • 2012, current Tulsa Area Command, was purchased, remodeled and occupied. Today, The Salvation Army is known in the community as “always there when you need us.” This has proven true in almost every area of human service, as The Salvation Army has grown through the years to become a strength in the community. The Salvation Army in Tulsa has become not only a place of emergency services and support, but also an agency capable of providing the appropriate resources needed to change negative patterns and assist individuals and families, at any age, with their problems. 1927 Food Basket and Christmas Tree Distribution 5

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