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2018-The Country Woodshop Catalog

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hardwoods: information and care construction quality care of solid hardwood tables With proper care, your solid hardwood table can provide years of pleasure for your family. Here are some tips to be sure you get the most from your table: • Maintain a humidity-controlled environment. Your home should be kept in the 35-45% humidity range to prevent warping and cracking. • Keep table out of continued direct sunlight and away from heat sources such as furnace ducts, radiators and fireplaces. If the humidity moves out of the ideal range, solid wood tables could expand or contract, causing splits in the grain pattern and joints of the wood panels. These symptoms are the result of an uncontrolled environment and are not considered defective. If the environment is not controlled these conditions should be appreciated as an inherent characteristic of solid wood. Due to wood’s “open grain”, they tend to expand and/or contract in relationship to their environment. Indoor humidity levels in the range of 35-45% will minimize gapping, such as, at the center or ends of table leaves. Seasonal gapping or minor cracks in the grain pattern of solid wood In every table built by The Country Woodshop there is a quality of workmanship that assures many years of retained beauty and endurance. This workmanship can be found in the attention to the smallest details found throughout the line. Mortise and Tenon construction adds strength to each table’s design while preserving the fine detail of its design. Table tops are made of one inch solid wood and fitted with solid steam-bent skirts. As each table is unique, it is branded and numbered with its own serial number for future reference. • Use coasters and trivets with non-scratching bottoms underneath glasses and serving dishes placed on the table. • Store table leaves in or close to the table to maintain consistent environmental conditions. • Avoid placing sharp objects that could scratch the surface directly on the table. • Avoid the use of nail polish remover, alcohol or other solvents near the table. • Dust table often and carefully with a soft cloth following the grain pattern to remove abrasive dust particles. • Periodically clean table with a mild, non-alkaline soap and water using a soft sponge or cloth. Dry immediately with soft cloth and buff lightly following wood grain. • Avoid polish that contains any silicones. Ask your retailer to recommend a polish or wax. are considered a normal occurrence and should not be assumed to be a defect of materials or workmanship. If, under normal conditions, the furniture develops a defect, such as deep EXAMPLE OF SEASONAL GAPPING cracks in a table, a dealer will visit the customer’s home to assess the humidity level. The dealer is responsible for taking a portable hygrometer along to the customer’s house and record the humidity. Recorded humidity readings will be sent to Country Woodshop when the item is returned for repairs. If the humidity is not in the range of 35-45%, the warranty is void and repair charges will be assessed. If the defect is due to material or workmanship, the item will be repaired. If repairing is not practical, the item will be replaced. limitations: The warranty will be honored if the consumer has the original sales receipt. The warranty is not transferable to another owner. The warranty is only valid on furniture purchased from an authorized Country Woodshop dealer. Tables not finished on underside of table as well as top High quality gear slides provide ease in opening and closing the table tops while providing the convenience of self leaf storage on many table designs. Wood slides are designed for easy operation and are built for superior table top support. Specially designed sanding equipment ensures that each table is sanded smoothly and uniformly. Solid hardwood, fully extendable drawers allow easy access and more usable storage space. Leaves are cut to fit each table precisely and receive the table’s serial number along with its numeric order for installation. Leg connections are reinforced by a v-grooved corner block assembly with a two bolt attachment. warranty are not under warranty. Country Woodshop is confident of its quality wood products. That’s why we offer a warranty covering defects in workmanship, material, and construction of our furniture for a period of two years. If a defect is found Warranty does not include freight costs to and from factory or inspection fees – these costs are the responsibility of the customer. No credit for repairs will exceed total value of the repaired item. by the customer during that period, we will either repair or replace the defective item, or substitute a different item. The final decision is at the discretion of Country Woodshop. Negligence, misuse, or accidents by the customer will void the warranty. (See section on how to care for solid wood furniture for details on proper handling to prevent voiding the warranty.) 4 | The Country Woodshop The Country Woodshop | 5

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