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BeatRoute Magazine [AB] print e-edition - [March 2018]

BeatRoute Magazine is a monthly arts and entertainment paper with a predominant focus on music – local, independent or otherwise. The paper started in June 2004 and continues to provide a healthy dose of perversity while exercising rock ‘n’ roll ethics.


FILM ARTIFACT FILM FEST small format fantastic! The Artifact Small Form Film Festival is anything but small, with a big difference for it’s 26th year: a name change. Festival Director Raeesa Farooqi describes the natural shift: “The decision to change the name to Artifact was made so as to better reflect the festival’s role as an international celebration of storytelling on celluloid. The rebrand is by no means a change in the festival’s goals or culture but, rather, a refocusing of it.” The new name comes with a rich history of filmmaking and appreciation within the Calgary community. Created by the Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers (CSIF), and formerly known as the $100 Film Festival, the event was originally focused on making low budget Super 8 films. The budget was dropped over time to allow for new creative projects and partnerships, and has since evolved to this year include 33 short films from around the world. The three-day event includes daily themes: Beyond the Cosmos, Impressions & Expressions, and Home & Away. Despite it’s growth, the Artifact Festival continues to highlight diverse Calgary talent. Opening each night is Film/Music Explosion!, an event that showcases a live song by a local band (this year by HYMN, Sinzere & the Late Nights, and Deicha & the VuDudes), that is accompanied by a film created based on the song by a local filmmaker. Each evening also has a pop-up exhibition with AM Goods and SEITIES, local film-related magazines. Further, two films in the lineup (Krasno Dreams and I am sitting in a white room) were created by Calgary filmmakers at CSIF’s 48 Hour Film Frenzy competition. This year also features John Porter as Visiting Artist, who has been active in the Canadian small-format film scene for over 40 years. Eight films are being presented from the Super 8 veteran. “John Porter brings a burning passion for the Super 8 film medium to Artifact. We’re extremely excited to bring him to Calgary as it will be the first time he’ll be screening any of his films here. John has personally chosen a small selection of his “Camera Dance” works to screen from his archive of over 300 films. The “Camera Dances” are unique and charming films, as they show Porter “dancing” with the camera in various capacities.” Farooqi explains. Also a photographer, performer, and writer, Porter brings his expertise to the Festival in a free talk at the University of Calgary. A History of Radical Super 8 Film Art in Canada presents the politics and philosophy of the film niche. Porter is also hosting a Drop-In, Small-Format Equipment Clinic for $20 at the CSIF headquarters. Amateur filmmakers and aspiring creators alike are welcome to bring equipment to this unique workshop. As Calgary’s longest-running Film Festival, the Artifact Small Form Film Festival is starting its next chapter by presenting this new and exciting lineup of films and artists from March 8 – 10. Tickets are available via the Theatre Junction GRAND box-office online, over-the-phone, or in person at the door. John Porter –200 flim, 1984. BYMADYSON HUCK NMC Presents ALBERTA SPOTLIGHT SERIES MARCH 15 Rae Spoon and F&M Called “one of the most important musicians working in Canada today” by NOW Magazine, see award-winning musician Rae Spoon as they return to their prairie home for a special performance. DETAILS AT STUDIOBELL.CA/WHATS-ON 14 | MARCH 2018 • BEATROUTE

5 FILMS TO SEE ... February’s must-see movies Blow-Up... fashionable forever. Spend all of March watching your favourite genre of film! These five picks range from the world of film noir, true stories exposing government corruption, to Japanese animation. The Big Heat (1953) The Big Heat begins without a word being said, but the opening sequence speaks volumes on its own. In this classic film noir Fritz Lang introduces Detective Dave Bannion (Glenn Ford) to the world of degenerate police. A place that doesn’t appear to have any type of law or order. Bannion questions the recently widowed wife, Bertha Duncan (Jeanette Nolan) of her cop husband’s questionable suicide. In turn Bannion endures chaos in the glitzy world of gin joints, dirty money, and cold-blooded murder. The Big Heat screens March 6 at 7PM as part of the Globe Film Noir Series All the President’s Men (1976) In this fact-based American political thriller, two amateur reporters were instrumental in the resignation of President Richard Nixon. All the President’s Men (1976) revolves around Carl Bernstein (Dustin Hoffman) and Bob Woodward (Robert Redford) who fought to expose the amoral side of the American government. This film shows the compromise of a country accepting the bleak reality of their government taking more joy in controlling the nation opposed to caring for it. The act of compromising is how Bernstein and Woodward forced themselves under the surface to discover this truth, both persuasively shown by Hoffman and Redford throughout the film. Calgary Cinematheque presents All The President’s Men at The Plaza Theatre on March 8 at 6:45PM BY CHLOE LAWSON protagonist Georgy, who can be naïve but remains true to herself. In the fast-paced world of nineteen-sixties London she finds herself caught in a love triangle. It balances uneasily between forty-nine-year-old James Leamington (James Mason) and the boyfriend who got her roommate pregnant, Jos Jones (Alan Bates). EspressoKino presents Georgy Girl at The Roasterie on March 15 at 8PM Blow-Up (1966) Italian Director Michelangelo Antonioni brings his first English film to screen that centres on an abrasive fashion photographer Thomas (David Hemmings). Thomas is aimlessly wandering through a park when he photographs a woman being intimate with a man.The woman, Jane (Vanessa Redgrave), chases Thomas down and frantically demands his film, but he refuses to hand it over. Later, Thomas blows up the photos and discovers he may have photographed a murder scene. Antonioni constructs his psychological thriller to show the extent individuals will go to find the truth without the promise of receiving it. EspressoKino presents Blow-Up at The Roasterie on March 22 at 8PM Whispers of the Heart (2002) Studio Ghibli (My Neighbor Totoro) released this heartfelt animated Japanese film on the importance of aspirations. Shizuku dreams of writing for a living. Her long summer days are spent reading books from the library and translating music. She notices a pattern of the name Seiji on the books she has checked out. Through charming and magical events (that Studio Ghibli never fails to provide) the two meet and Seiji confides in wanting to become a violin maker in Italy. Whispers of the Heart beautifully demonstrates how being inspired by others is just as crucial as inspiring yourself to become who you want to be. Whispers of the Heart screens at The Globe Theatre on March 31 at 7PM as part of the ESPRESSOKINO experimental filmmaker’s showcase FIFTEENTH CALGARY UNDERGROUND FILM FESTIVAL APRIL 16-22, 2018 Georgy Girl (1966) Georgy Girl is the lighthearted yet honest FULL LINEUP ANNOUNCED MARCH 21 portrayal of a young woman finding her spot TICKETS AND MORE INFORMATION AT CALGARYUNDERGROUNDFILM.COM in the world. Lynn Redgrave is the tender Studio Ghibli Showcase Series FILM BEATROUTE • MARCH 2018 | 15 A call for local experimental films has been put out by Roasterie Coffee House’s weekly film presenters, EspressoKino, for the Fourth Annual Local Experimental Filmmaker’s Showcase on March 29. Occuring every Thursday, EspressoKino hosts film screenings Kensington’s infamous 400-square-foot coffee roaster and showcases independent and experimental films. “We started in April 2015 for two reasons,” explains programmer Shaun Donohue. “The culture of cinema showing non-mainstream films has been dying. We wanted to show primarily the pre-1980 films that got us to where we are. The secondary reason was, we are all regulars at the Roasterie.” Donohue adds, “It’ll essentially be a month of related programming, either with a theme, or a director and we haven’t missed a Thursday since the last Thursday in 2015.” Submissions for the Experimental Filmmaker’s Showcase are open right up until the films are screened, and anyone is encouraged to submit their own atypical and avant-garde take on filmmaking; noting that films should be no longer than 20 minutes. “We will collect the films from all of the weirdos who aren’t part of any organization BY MICHAEL GRONDIN and get no money and we’re gonna give them a night to show all of their crazy films,” he says with a laugh. “We’ll literally accept submissions until 20 minutes before the show. “We show the things that just don’t get shown in public anymore,” concludes Donahue. “There’s a big hole in arthouse theatre, or repertory cinema.” The Local Filmmakers Showcase presented by EspressoKino will take place at The Roasterie on Thursday March 29, 2018 at 8pm.

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