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10 Finger Pulse Oximetry

10 Finger Pulse Oximetry Ordering Information Item Carry Case and Lanyard Description 2150 Adimal TM Fingertip Pulse Oximeter 2100-1 Pulse Oximeter Carry Lanyard LATEX 2150 ADIMAL ® Digital Fingertip Pulse Oximeter Our newest pediatric fingertip pulse oximeter with a fresh face! The 2150 features • SpO 2 and pulse rate readings • Accuracy: SpO 2 ±3% / HR ±2 BPM • Six changeable display modes • Dual-color OLED display • 10 display brightness settings • Child-friendly instrument face • Fits fingers with a thickness of 0.3” to 0.44” (7.64mm to 11.19mm) • Carry lanyard • Soft carry case • Two AAA batteries • Instruction booklet • Two-year limited warranty 6 changeable display modes Normal Horizontal Wave Display Normal Horizontal Bar Display Normal Vertical Bar Display Normal Horizontal Wire Display Handstand Horizontal Bar Display Handstand Vertical Bar Display Advantage 2200 Digital Fingertip Pulse Oximeter A portable fingertip pulse oximeter ideally suited for home, sport, or aviation use. The 2200 features • SpO 2 and pulse rate readings • Accuracy: SpO 2 ±2% / HR ±5 BPM • Two changeable display modes • Bright red LED display • Fits fingers with a thickness of .31” to .79” (8mm to 20mm) • Carry lanyard • Two AAA batteries • Instruction booklet • One-year limited warranty 2 changeable display modes Ordering Information Item Description 2200 Advantage TM Fingertip Pulse Oximeter 2100-1 Pulse Oximeter Carry Lanyard Normal Vertical Bar Display Inverted Bar Display LATEX Carry Lanyard Finger Pulse Oximeters

11 Fingertip Pulse Oximeter Feature Chart Model / Brand 2100 Diagnostix TM 2150 Adimals ® 2200 Advantage TM Size Adult Pediatric Adult Fingertip Range 8-20mm 7.64-11.19mm 8-20mm Oxygen Saturation Display Range 0-100% 70-100% 70-99% Pulse Rate Display Range 30-235 BPM 30-235 BPM 30-235 BPM Pulse Strength Indicator Plethysmograph Plethysmograph Plethysmograph Oxygen Saturation Accuracy +/- 2-3% +/- 2-3% +/- 2-3% Pulse Rate Accuracy +/- 5 BPM +/- 2 BPM +/- 5 BPM Display Technology OLED 2 color OLED 2 color Red LED Beeper Yes No No Alarms Yes No No Configurable Display Yes (6) Yes (6) Yes (2) Display Brightness Adjustments Yes Yes No Hinged Battery Cover Yes No No Power Source 2 “AAA” 2 “AAA” 2 “AAA” Battery Life 4500 (30 hrs) 4500 (30 hrs) 4500 (30 hrs) Carry Lanyard Yes Yes Yes Bumper Yes Yes No Storage Case No Soft Nylon No Dims 58x32x34mm 50x28x28mm 55x29x25mm Weight (without batteries) 31g 19g 31g Warranty 2 Year 2 Year 1 Year Finger Pulse Oximetry Aneroid Sphygs Sourced Globally, Assembled Locally We contract with the world’s leading manufacturers to produce ADC components to our exacting specifications. Then, using custom built inspection equipment, we subject the components to rigorous testing before the instruments are assembled and packaged in our New York facility. We’re one of the few firms to hold our own 510(k) and be classed as a manufacturer of manual BP instruments. Manometers The “brains” of our sphygs, our manometers are engineered by Nissei, one of the oldest and most respected manufacturers of aneroid gauges. Produced EXCLUSIVELY for ADC in their state-of-theart facility, the gauges are subjected to rigorous quality control measures before being shipped to us. We then subject every single gauge to 100% visual inspection for 0 point, and test up to 15% for accuracy. A random sample from every batch is subjected to a destructive endurance test, putting them through 30,000 inflation cycles: three times the requirements under ANSI/AAMI/ISO 81060-1. We hold our gauges to accuracy requirements at a minimum of 33% more demanding than the standards call for. We produce three types of aneroid instruments – pocket, palm (one hand), and clock – to meet any diagnostic need. At the heart of every ADC aneroid is a movement assembled under optimum conditions to ensure it is free of the contamination found in lesser-built competitive instruments. The precision-crafted movement is heat treated and pre-aged to eliminate hysterisis, the stretching that often plagues cheaper products and knocks them out of calibration early in their life. The basic movement is optimized for each of the various models we produce. Diagnostix TM 2100 Adimals ® 2150 Advantage TM 2200 w w w . a d c t o d a y . c o m Pocket Gauges Pocket gauges are our most popular design and come in a number of models to meet the varying needs and budgets of the healthcare marketplace. It’s all in the details. Die cast zinc housings are heat treated to minimize the impact of ambient temperature variations. Movements are carefully mounted and tested repeatedly. Scale plates are serialized with a code that allows us to identify the production lot. Gauges are meticulously finished in a baked enamel or a chrome plate. From our basic 809 series manometer to our top-of-the-line 800-series, each model provides a unique feature set that differentiates it from competing models. Our feature-rich 800-series manometer (used in our premium 700-series aneroid) boasts a chrome-plated housing polished to a sterling shine, an extended scale plate to eliminate parallax error when viewed from an angle, a luminescent dial, and a lifetime calibration warranty.

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