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Palm Gauge The palm

Palm Gauge The palm gauge incorporates the gauge, bulb, and valve into a single assembly making it more convenient to use, particularly in multicuff solutions. To help isolate its premium movement from vibration that often disables lesser-built instruments, the 804N’s movement is housed in a zinc cage suspended within an impactresistant ABS polymer shell that acts as a shock absorber. And while most palm-style manometers utilize a traditional thumbscrew valve that is often difficult to control, our 804N manometer features a two-position trigger airrelease valve. Infinite control is afforded in deflation mode. When locked in the open position, the valve provides rapid exhaust. And because it’s centrally positioned behind the manometer (rather than to one side), it allows for ambidextrous use. Clock Aneroid ADC’s clock aneroid is available in wall, desk and mobile platforms. The clock aneroid features a more robust spring to handle the heavier weight of the indicator needle and a special internal air restrictor to reduce “needle bounce” that causes lesser-built clock models to lose calibration prematurely. The specially designed lens cover mounting system prevents dust from entering the manometer and contaminating the movement. Luminescent beveled dial is easy to read in virtually all light conditions. Domestic Assembly and Inspection We assemble every manual sphyg (unless otherwise noted) in our New York facility. Our assemblers are thoroughly trained and empowered to reject nonconforming parts during the manufacturing process. Final Quality Control with lot coding of every batch ensures that the instrument you receive will work perfectly.

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