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134 Neurological

134 Neurological Instruments Taylor Hammer The ADC Taylor Hammer features • The most popular neuro hammer • Chrome handle with triangular synthetic rubber head in choice of five colors • Overall length 7 1 /2" Neurological Hammer Set Five of the most popular instruments for diagnosis of neurological function in one complete kit. The ADC Neurological Hammer Set features • Wartenberg Pinwheel (3695) • Babinski Hammer (3697) • Taylor Hammer (3693BK) • Buck Hammer (3691) • Queen’s Square Hammer (3699BK) • Fitted case neatly stores all five instruments Ordering Information Item 3600BK LATEX 3693BK Description Neuro Hammer Kit Ordering Information Item Description 3693 Taylor Neurological Hammer, Red 3693ST Taylor Neurological Hammer, Tactical 3693BK Taylor Neurological Hammer, Black 3693DG Taylor Neurological Hammer, Dark Green 3693RB Taylor Neurological Hammer, Royal Blue 3693ST BK Color Choices DG RB R ST NOTE: To ensure correct color when ordering, add color suffix to model number (e.g., 3693DG) LATEX Buck Hammer The ADC Buck Hammer features • Chrome-plated handle with two-sided synthetic rubber head • Handle conceals screw-in brush • Needle contained within the head • Overall length 7 1 /2" Ordering Information Item Description 3691 Buck Neurological Hammer LATEX Neurological Instruments

135 Babinski Hammer The ADC Babinski Hammer features • Octagonal stainless-steel handle with concealed needle • Rubber head may be used in both the horizontal or vertical positions • Overall length 8 1 /2" (3697) • Overall length 6 3 /4" (3698BK) Ordering Information Item Description 3697 Babinski Hammer 3698BK LATEX Telescoping Babinski Hammer 3697 3698BK Neurological Instruments Queen’s Square Hammer The ADC Queen’s Square Hammer features • Rubber head • Flexible handle • Overall length 12 1 /4” Ordering Information Item 3699BK Description Queen’s Square Hammer LATEX Wartenberg Pinwheel The ADC Wartenberg Pinwheel features • Zinc alloy and copper handle with textured grip • Rotating spur • Overall length 7 1 /2" Ordering Information Item Description 3695 Wartenberg Pinwheel w w w . a d c t o d a y . c o m

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