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Diagnostic Penlights ADC

Diagnostic Penlights ADC ® offers a wide range of Adlite TM diagnostic penlights, from cost-effective disposable models to a super premium model CNC machined from brass. The Adlite TM Pro is our top-of-theline diagnostic penlight using LED technology that will virtually never burn out. Innovative power switch won’t accidentally light in the pocket. The Adlite TM II, Metalite TM , and Metalite TM II are three low-cost reusable penlights. Our Adlite TM and Adlite TM Plus disposable penlights provide a cost-effective solution to examining pupillary reflex. Available in a variety of colors and packaging options.

137 Diagnostic Penlights Positive Feel Up/Down Switch Activation Adlite Pro TM 355BK Our finest pocket light, the Adlite Pro TM is the physician’s choice for evaluation of pupillary reflex. The Adlite Pro TM features • LED lamp for bright, white illumination for true tissue rendering • LED lamp provides 10,000 hours of use eliminating the high cost of replacement lamps • Durable CNC-machined brass housing in a striking black matte finish • Measures 5 5 ⁄8” long, 1 ⁄2” diameter • Positive feel power switch • Convenient pocket clip • Complete with two AAA batteries and an attractive gift box • Lifetime warranty Ordering Information Item 355BK Description Adlite Pro TM , Physicians Penlight LATEX w w w . a d c t o d a y . c o m

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