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154 A Tradition of

154 A Tradition of Quality and Innovation… Over the past three decades, American Diagnostic Corporation has emerged as the leader in value-priced, premium quality diagnostic products for the healthcare industry. Here’s Why. The Finest Components ADC products are manufactured from the world’s finest components utilizing state-of-the-art technologies and boasting proprietary features not found anywhere else, like gasket-sealed chestpieces, Adsoft TM Plus silicone eartips, the Adcuff TM with Size Guide TM marking system, and our remarkable gauge movements that withstand the toughest use. Proprietary features that combine to provide unsurpassed performance and robust durability. Gauge endurance test machine tests manometers to 30K cycles To ensure an unwavering commitment to uncompromising quality, each and every stethoscope and sphygmomanometer is assembled, inspected, and packaged in the USA. Movement in our aneroid gauge Cuff hook and loop adhesive test The End Result? A timeless instrument that will provide years of dependable service. Valve-leak test machine Gaske-sealed chestpieces It Starts with the Best Design. Each component is meticulously designed to meet our exacting standards and the demanding needs of our customers. All in all, we subject our components to dozens of the most rigorous tests to ensure you get products of unsurpassed performance and rugged durability. But It Doesn’t End There! We then subject virtually every component to rigorous quality control using custom-built testing equipment: gauge endurance test machines that subject our manometers to 30,000 cycles in just a few days; valve-andbladder leak test machines; cuff hook-and-loop adhesive endurance test machines; thermometer baths that ensure our digital thermometers meet every international standard; and Thermometer Water Bath Tester dimensional tests that ensure every component measures up to its original design specifications. Compare the Performance. Don’t just take our word for it. Compare the performance, features, and durability of any ADC product to any other on the market. Then compare the price. You’ll soon discover there’s simply no comparison at all! Acoustic-leakage test comparing ADC Sprague to competing models Index

How to Use This Catalog The ADC catalog is designed for easy reading. Products are grouped by major category and generally organized by subcategory within each group for fast location. The following guidelines will assist readers unfamiliar with the layout of the catalog. Color Chart Black/Tactical Boysenberry Burgundy Caribbean Dark Green Frosted Glacier Frosted Ice Frosted Lilac Frosted Kiwi Frosted Magenta Frosted Peacock Frosted Plum 1. Categories: ADC products are divided into distinct groups: Vital Sign Monitors, Pulse Oximetry, Sphygmomanometers, Sphygmomanometer Parts, Stethoscopes, Thermometers, Diagnostics, Laryngoscopes, CPR, Caseware, Neurological Instruments, Penlights, and Instruments. Within larger groups (like scopes), products may be divided into subcategories, as well. (Scopes are divided into top-of-the-line Adscopes and economical Proscopes.) Color key tabs in the right-hand margin permit quick location of the desired category. Frosted Seafoam Frosted Royal Blue Frosted Purple Gold Green Gray (Cuffs) 2. Table of Contents: Page 3 lists by product category. Gray (Scopes) Light Blue Lavender Magenta Metallic Ceil Metallic Caribbean Ordering Information 3. Model Number Index: If only the ADC number is known, the complete model number index (on pages 145-152) references the page number within the category where every ADC product may be found. Item Description 609** Adscope-Lite TM 609 Lightweight Scope, (Specify Color) 609ST Adscope-Lite TM 609 Lightweight Scope, Tactical (Black Tubing Only) Metallic Gray Metallic Raspberry Navy Neon Blue Neon Green Neon Orange 4. Ordering Charts: Our enhanced ordering charts make part number lookup much easier. They incorporate part numbers, color options, and quick-glance feature icons in one handy chart. 5. Product Feature Charts: Our product feature charts (PFCs) highlight features and specifications for the major product categories. The ADC product number is in the left-hand column. The various features, part names, and specifications most frequently requested are in the top row. To find the desired information, locate the intersection of the row (with the desired model number) and the column (with the desired feature). 6. Color Chart: A larger view of a printed representation of a product’s color is printed on the opposite page. It is a ready reference for easily looking up specific products. 7. Product Feature Icons: Icons identifying a product’s major features are used throughout the book. The opposite page contains a reference to all icons for easy identification. BK FS R Color Choices for 609** Only BD DG FG FL FV RB G ST NOTE: To ensure correct color when ordering. add color suffix to model number (e.g., 609DG) LATEX LV TL N TQ FRB O V Neon Pink Royal Blue Turquoise Neon Yellow Teal Adimals ® Breast Cancer Awareness Pink White Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Purple Red Yellow Medical Theme Hot Pink Peter’s Blue Swirly • Actual product colors may vary from chart representation. • Not all products are available in every color. Refer to each item’s Ordering Information Box for specific color availabilities. • Frosted colors are translucent and available on stethoscopes and shears only. Product Feature Icons Thermometry Auto Averaging BHS Validated Size Guide TM Blood Pressure Self Luminescent Adjusting Dial Cuff Adflow TM Valve Extended Scaleplate Memory Irregular Heartbeat AM/PM Readings Orange Puzzle Pieces Traffic Light Traffic Light Indicator Splash Resistant 1 Second Reading 2 Second Reading 8 Second Reading 10 Second Reading 30 Second Reading 60 Second Reading Dual Scale Water Resistance Flexible Probe Audible Alert Splash Proof Last Reading Last 12 Readings Last 14 Readings Last 30 Readings Last 30 Readings 2 patients Last 99 Readings 2 patients Last 99 Readings Stethoscopes General Power Supply LATEX AFD Technology Adsoft TM Plus Eartips Ultra-light Weight Stainless Steel Cardiology Headset Convertible Chestpiece Made without natural rubber latex Backlit Display Jumbo Display Single Use Not Sterile PC link Included PC link Available Battery Included Battery Not Included AC Adapter Included AC Adapter Available Rechargeable Battery Included Calibration Warranty Coverage Parts Warranty Coverage U.S.A. Content 2 Year 5 Year 10 Year 20 Year Lifetime 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 5 Year 10 Year Lifetime Multiple Inspected, Inspected & Assembled, Assembled & Packaged Inspected Inspected & Packaged Made in U.S.A.

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