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Vital Signs Monitors

Vital Signs Monitors Choose from our e-sphyg TM II dual-mode, dualdisplay, multiplatform, advanced NIBP monitor, or the newly redesigned ADView TM 2 Modular Diagnostic Station – the first and still only vital signs monitor that grows and adapts to the needs of the practice. The e-sphyg TM II features a revolutionary dual display: a backlit LCD mimics the appearance of a traditional mercury column while the alphanumeric LCD simplifies the practitioner’s transition from manual to automated BP. The ADView TM 2 Modular Diagnostic Station features an NIBP monitor powered by SunTech TM technology at its core. Unlike every other monitor on the market, the ADView TM 2 is completely modular. You can purchase the ADView TM 2 configured as you want from the factory or upgrade the unit in the field at any time. Available modules include temperature (oral/axillary or rectal) using Covidien’s Filac TM 3000 technology and an SpO2 module using Nellcor TM compatible technology. Optional accessories allow for printing, Wi-Fi, and advanced EMR integration using IHE HL7 standards. Both the e-sphyg TM II and ADView TM 2 feature a unique manual BP mode for validation of automated readings or to help when measuring BP on patients with arrhythmias or other complex needs. Both models are available in three platforms – desk, wall, or mobile – to suit the needs of the practice. And both units are backed by ADC’s extensive product warranties.

5 Modular, Multiplatform, Affordable – Evolved Vital Signs Monitors *Some assembly required 9005BP BP Module BP Only BP/Temp BP/SpO2 BP/Temp/SpO2 9005BPTO BP/Temp Unit Models 9005BP 9005BPTO 9005BPS 9005BPSTO 9005BPS BP/SpO2 9005BPSTO BP/SpO2/Temp Our truly modular design allows you to create the diagnostic station that’s perfectly suited to your needs. Start with the fully featured Blood Pressure base unit and add optional Temperature and SpO 2 functionality, now or in the future. Order modules at the time of purchase and we’ll ship your ADView 2 configured, or add them as you need them to upgrade in the field. Our connect-and-go construction makes expanding your ADView 2 effortless! Ordering Information Mounting Accessories and Platforms Desk Caddy* Wall Mount Mobile Stand 9005D 9005W 9005M Accessories Thermal Printer Barcode Scanner Dongle Item No. 9005P 9005SCAN 9005DON Included Cuff Sizes: Adult Plus LATEX Lg. Adult Plus Optional Cuff Sizes: Visit our website for all available accessories *Optional desktop caddy keeps cuffs and cords organized. Child Small Adult Adult Lg. Adult Thigh ADView 2 Modular Diagnostic Station The world’s first — and still only — truly modular diagnostic station. Now in its second generation. The ADView 2 features • A flexible design with up to three modules: blood pressure, temperature, and pulse oximetry • Clinical-grade Advantage TM BP technology from SunTech Medical ® • A proprietary manual BP mode, allowing measurement with a stethoscope using the auscultatory method • New, customizable average mode, with setting options ranging from two to five readings and start and interval delays • A temperature module featuring Covidien Filac TM technology, providing accurate measurement in about 10 seconds. Module comes with standard oral/axillary probe; optional rectal probe available. • ChipOx Nellcor TM SpO 2 module, providing accurate readings in about 10 seconds • Contemporary, compact design with an easy-to-read LCD display and an integrated handle for portability • Lithium ion power for longer battery life and lighter weight • Desktop, mobile, and wall mount options • Optional accessories, including a Wi-Fi dongle, a thermal printer, and a barcode scanner for uploading patient data to your facility’s EMR • Network-enabled technology with IHE HL7 messaging for electronic data transfer • Three-year warranty on the blood pressure base unit, SpO 2 module, and temperature module; two-year warranty on cuffs; 90-day warranty on all other accessories w w w . a d c t o d a y . c o m

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