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52 Blood Pressure Parts

52 Blood Pressure Parts Adcuff TM SPU Blood Pressure Cuffs • Economical enough for single-patient application • Durable enough for repeated use • Leak tested to assure dependability • Five clinical cuff sizes for neonantal patients • Eight clinical cuff sizes for child and adult patients • The industry’s most precise cuff markings • Cuff design minimizes miscuffing errors • Rounded corners and soft, woven construction • One-tube configuration with bayonet-type (HP) connector (part 8974) • Two-tube configuration with screw-type (Dinamp) connector (part 8971) • Neonatal cuffs with Luer connector (part 8975) • Standardized connectors for improved inventory management • Add low-cost adapters directly to monitor for a one-time conversion (see page 53) • Compatible with most brands of monitors Ordering Information Range (cm) Color One-Tube One-Tube Adcuff SPU Cuffs and Accessories TM Lg. Adult Connector N/A Infant 9-14.8 Child 13.8-21.5 Sm. Adult 20.5-28.5 Adult 27.5-36.5 Adult Long 27.5-40 Lg. Adult 35.5-46 Long 35.5-50 Thigh 45-56.5 N/A Orange Green Royal Blue Navy Navy Burgundy Burgundy Brown None 8450-71-1 8450-9C-1 8450-10SA-1 8450-11A-1 8450-11AL-1 8450-12X-1 8450-12XL-1 8450-13T-1 Bayonet (HP) 8450-7I-1HP 8450-9C-1HP 8450-10SA-1HP 8450-11A-1HP 8450-11AL-1HP 8450-12X-1HP 8450-12XL-1HP 8450-13T-1HP Two-Tube None 8450-7I-2 8450-9C-2 8450-10SA-2 8450-11A-2 8450-11AL-2 8450-12X-2 8450-12XL-2 8450-13T-2 Two-Tube Inflation System* Screw (Dinamap) None 8450-7I-2SC 8450-9C-2SC 8450-10SA-2SC 8450-11A-2SC 8450-11AL-2SC 8450-12X-2SC 8450-12XL-2SC 8450-13T-2SC 8650-7I 8650-9C 8650-10SA 8650-11A 8650-11AL 8650-12X 8650-12XL 8650-13T * Includes 875PLF bulb and valve Ordering Information Adcuff Neonatal SPU Cuffs and Accessories TM Connector Neonatal 1 Neonatal 2 Neonatal 3 Neonatal 4 Neonatal 5 Range (cm) N/A 3-6 4-8 6-11 7-13 8-15 Color N/A Orange Light Blue Green Navy Burgundy One-Tube Luer Slip 8450-1N-1L 8450-2N-1L 8450-3N-1L 8450-4N-1L 8450-5N-1L Two-Tube Luer Slip 8450-1N-2L 8450-2N-2L 8450-3N-2L 8450-4N-2L 8450-5N-2L Blood Pressure Parts

53 Adapters Our new adapters provide a simple method of standardizing cuff purchases across your entire institution. Just identify the type of connector currently on your monitor and match it to our one-tube or two-tube adapter solution. Common configurations are shown below; custom options are also available. For 1-Tube Monitors With a Male Marquette Connector 1-Tube Cuff 2-Tube Cuff With a Female Screw (Dinamap) Connector 1-Tube Cuff HPF-S-MQF Bayonet (HP) Female to Marquette Female SCF2-Y-MQF Screw (Dinamap) Female to Marquette Female HPF-S-SCM Bayonet (HP) Female to Screw (Dinamap) Male Connectors • Permit quick connection of various inflation systems or components • Available in a variety of configurations and materials Tube-to-Tube Connectors Item No. Qty Use With Description BP Connectors 611-20 1 611-20-10 10 920--011 1 920-011-10 10 Item No. Qty Use with Description 804CN 10 804C 10 Y Test Kit: Teaching Scopes 613, 661, 671 Connects two tubes 804N Palm Aneroid 804 Palm Aneroid Y Connector Double Male Plastic Connector Plastic Luer Connector Plastic Luer Slip Blood Pressure Parts 2-Tube Cuff SCF2-Y-HPM Screw (Dinamap) Female to Bayonet (HP) Male 8002-2 1 9002-2 1 e-sphyg TM e-sphyg TM II Plastic Locking Luer Connector Plastic Connector With a Different Type of Connector 1-Tube Cuff HPF-S-N Bayonet (HP) Female to customizable open end 8972-10 10 8973-10 10 Universal Monitor Connector (fits most monitors Datascope Male Luer Slip Connector Female Locking Luer Connector 2-Tube Cuff For 2-Tube Monitors With Male Marquette Connectors 2-Tube Cuff With Female Bayonet (HP) Connectors 2-Tube Cuff With a Different Type of Connector 2-Tube Cuff SCF2-Y-N Screw (Dinamap) Female to customizable open end SCF-S2-MQF Screw (Dinamap) Female to Marquette Female SCF-S2-HPM Screw (Dinamap) Female to Bayonet (HP) Male SCF-S2-N Screw (Dinamap) Female to customizable open end 8975-10 10 891 1 Set 891F-10 10 891M-10 10 8971-10 10 8971F-10 10 8974-10 10 8974F-10 10 9000QCF-10 10 Neonatal SPU Cuffs ADC Clock Aneroids, Mercury Sphygs, Inflation Systems ADC Clock Aneroids, Mercury Sphygs, Inflation Systems ADC Clock Aneroids, Mercury Sphygs, Inflation Systems Dinamap, WA Atlas and Vital Signs Monitors, Spot, Critikon Cuffs Dinamap, WA Atlas and Vital Signs Monitors, Spot, Critikon Cuffs Adview TM 2, HP/Phillips, Siemens, Spacelabs, IVAC/Alaris 4415, Criticare, Datascope Accutorr Plus, Passport 2 Monitiors Adview TM , GE, Welch Allyn, Marquette Neonatal Luer Slip Connector Metal Luer Connector Set, 1 Male, 1 Female Metal Female Luer Metal Male Luer Plastic Male Screw Adapter Plastic Femle Screw Adapter Plastic Male Bayonet Connector Metal Female Bayonet Connector Female Quick Connector 9000QCFM-10 10 Adview TM , GE, Welch Allyn, Marquette Male Quick Connector w w w . a d c t o d a y . c o m

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