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54 Zipper Cases Blood

54 Zipper Cases Blood Pressure Parts 888 887 880 • For all pocket, palm, and homecare models • Traditional case is available in two sizes • Premium case has one large zippered compartment, outside hook-and-loop pocket, end strap, and handy key ring (measures 9" x 5" x 2") Ordering Information Item Description 880 Zipper Carry Case, Black 880L Zipper Carry Case, Black, Extra Large 887 Fanny Pack, (Available in 4* Colors) 888 Premium Nylon Case (specify color) Color Choices BK* BD DG G M TL DB* O* V R RB* AD PBS PP BCA MT 887 Color Choices BK DB O RB Multikuf TM Cases • For the portable Multikuf systems • Choose from three-, four-, and five-cuff carry cases • Made of 600D nylon shell with 420D nylon lining, double zipper, and webbed handle NOTE: To ensure correct color when ordering, add color suffix to model number (e.g., 888DG) Ordering Information Item Description 8814BK Pack for Multikuf TM 731 and 732 883B Case for System 5 TM , Navy (not shown) 883O Case for System 5 TM , Orange 883O 8814BK 952-025 Sphyg Stand & Cuff Container • Wall-mounted cuff storage containers • Cuff basket is a vinyl-coated, wire container with extra room for larger inflation systems • Sphyg stand is a plexiglass container featuring four compartments (to hold three cuffs and palm aneroid, or four cuffs for ADC Pediatric and General Practice Multicuff Kits). Measures 14" long, 3 1 ⁄4" deep • Countertop or wall mount • May be used with any brand of sphygmomanometer • All mounting hardware included 884 Ordering Information Item Description 952-025 Cuff Storage Basket for 750W, 952B, 9005W, 9002W, Adstation TM 884 Sphygmomanometer Stand Blood Pressure Parts

55 Coiled Tubing • Coiled TPU tubing to facilitate blood pressure measurement when using wall or mobile instruments • Available in four-foot or eight-foot lengths (when extended) • For use with all major brands of BP instruments • Individually boxed • Luer connector (891M) included • Luer connector (891F) not included • Three-year warranty Ordering Information Item 885N 886N Description Coiled Tubing, 8-foot length Coiled Tubing, 4-foot length LATEX Gauge Guards 885N 886N • ADC gauge guards are available in bright orange for added visibility or traditional black • Synthetic rubber • Weighs 4 oz (113.3 g) Blood Pressure Parts Ordering Information 899O 899BK Item Description 899* Gauge Guard Manometer Cover Color Choices BK O NOTE: To ensure correct color when ordering, add color suffix to model number (e.g., 899BK) LATEX Test Kit • Y tubing with inflation bulb, valve, and various connectors permit testing of accuracy for aneroids or mercury sphygs against unit of known accuracy Ordering Information Item Description 991 Y Test Kit with Bulb, Valve and Connectors 991 Mercury Spill Kit • Intended for all models of mercurial blood pressure devices when there is a mercury spill • Includes 1 oz (28.3 g) pouch Green-Z absorbent; one scooper with attached scraper; 17"x10" white, self-sealing polybag; two tear-resistant, clear polybags; one pair Nitrile high-risk exam gloves (contains no latex); one safety shield combo mask; one “Caution Contains Mercury” sticker; and two heavy-duty twist ties 980SK Ordering Information Item 980SK Description Mercury Spill Kit LATEX w w w . a d c t o d a y . c o m

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