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ASTRAGAL / D MOULD STILE 50.8mm OPUS Beaded Astragal Stile 27mm 12.7mm 50.8mm ENCORE Inside Flat Stile with T Section 27mm 12.7mm 60mm ENCORE Outside Beaded Stile with T section 29mm 12.7mm RABBET STILE OPUS Flat Rabbet Stile 27mm 50.8mm DIVIDER RAIL A horizontal rail is used to strengthen tall panels or accommodate mullions that may impede rotation of louvres. A divider rail is required for panels greater than 1800mm high on OPUS and 2000mm on ENCORE. A second divider rail is required for heights greater than 2438mm on OPUS and 2800mm on ENCORE. Divider rail locations must always be given by measuring from the bottom of the opening to the centre of the desired divider rail location. A 2 nd divider rail location must be measured from the bottom of the opening to the centre of the 2 nd rail location. *Measurements given from the top of the opening down will not be accepted. 10

CRITICAL DIVIDER RAIL Top and bottom rails on a single panel are always made the same size so the divider rail may be adjusted up or down by up to 40mm to accommodate this. If your divider rail cannot deviate from the required location specify ‘CRITICAL’ when ordering. The panel will then be manufactured with your exact divider rail and the top rail will vary to accommodate this. It is important to note that critical divider rails are NOT available with the ENCORE Inside shutter. This is due to the three standard aluminium top and bottom rail sizes, which cannot be cut down to accommodate an exact location. ACCEPTABLE DEVIATION UP OR DOWN OPUS POLYMER ENCORE INSIDE ENCORE OUTSIDE Non-critical Critical Non-critical Critical Non-critical Critical 64mm louvre 26mm Exact n/a n/a n/a n/a 89mm louvre 38mm Exact 40mm n/a 40mm Exact 114mm louvre 57mm Exact n/a n/a 51mm Exact NOTE • Top and bottom rails may be unequal in size to accommodate a critical divider rail. • Specify shutters that are in the same room as each other as side by side. • Order at the same height when possible to ensure divider rail location will match. • 2 nd divider rails CANNOT be made critical. • ENCORE Inside cannot be made with critical divider rails due to 3 standard rail sizes • ENCORE Outside top and bottom rails are adjustable to accommodate divider rail OPUS Euro Close (Two way close) 81mm ENCORE Inside Standard Close (One way close) 100mm ENCORE Outside Euro Close (Two way close) 84mm 11

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