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TRACK BYPASS OUTSIDE MOUNT cont. 8. For OPUS, attach the metal headboard support bracket to the rear of the mounting block. 9. Make necessary adjustments to ensure box out frame is level. 10. Drive headboard fixing screws in all the way. 11. Mount the light block lengths supplied to the rear inside edge of the sideboards (or use angle brackets instead of light block if preferred). 12. Screw through the light block into the wall or architrave to attach the sideboards. 13. If no bottom board supplied, attach bottom tracks by measuring the distance from the edge of headboard to centre of each track and position the bottom tracks the same distance. Use the supplied double-sided tape to fix tracks in place direct to the floor. (Does not apply to bottom board as track is recessed). 14. Check all necessary hardware/componentry is fitted into the top track and panels. 15. Fit rear panels into the back track first, attaching the wheel carrier brackets to the wheel carriers in the top track and lock them in place. Compress the bottom guides and release into place in the bottom track. 16. If fitting co-joined panels, line panels up beside each other and drop hinge pins in to attach. 17. Make any necessary adjustments at the wheel carriers and sideboards to ensure panels are squared up and they operate correctly. 18. Cover screw holes with screwcap stickers and gap fill if necessary to finish off. 19. Attach returns to fascia if applicable using L brackets. 20. Attach L brackets to front edge of headboard according the diagrams below. 21. Position fascia 50mm above headboard then screw into bracket at rear of fascia. OPUS OUTSIDE MOUNT ENCORE OUTSIDE MOUNT Attach L Bracket to top face of headboard & screw into fascia Attach L Bracket to top face of headboard & screw into fascia 50mm 50mm 22. Cover screw holes with screwcap stickers and gap fill if necessary to finish off. 23. Operate all louvre tilts and operate panels several times to make sure all components are working correctly. 24. Clean shutters and work space. 58

OPTIONAL EXTRAS The following options are available on the ENCORE aluminium range of shutters and incur an additional cost: FLY SCREENING Aluminium angle is powdercoated to match the shutters and attached to the rear of each panel. Fibreglass flyscreen and spline is then attached before shipping so there is no need to assemble onsite. Tilt rod is assembled at the rear of panels by default however you can opt to attach at the front when using flyscreening. This must be specified at the time of order as a special instruction. FLUSH BOLTS Flush bolts are commonly used to manually lock bifold panels into place in the bottom track and are useful for keeping panels secured at all times on double panel hinged layouts. Single bolts are rebated into the bottom of the stile and are available in silver only. When ordering flush bolts for track bifolds, they will be installed at the factory on every 2 nd panel by default. The bottom track, window sill or door jamb must have holes for the bolt to extend through to pass into the space within to keep the panel secured in the closed position. 59

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