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Offset Tilt Rod Half

Offset Tilt Rod Half circle shaped rod of material used as tilt rod, installed at front of panel, off to far left or far right side (hinge side). Pivot hinge Hinge used for direct mount layouts with multiple panels, installed at top and bottom of panels to avoid use of T posts. Not recommended on tall panels. Rabbet Stile Rebate edge in square stile that overlaps where two panels meet to block light gaps. Rails Horizontal lengths at top and bottom of panels that give strength and shape to shutters. Square Stile Four straight edges, these stiles are used for single panels. Stile Vertical sections on left and right side of shutter panel that give shape and strength to shutters. Tension Screw Screw used one per louvre bank to adjust stiffness of louvres. T-Post Section of frame used to break wide windows that require more than two panels. Can be used vertically or horizontally. Tilt Rod A wood or metal rod that connects louvres together in banks to allow sections to be opened or closed together. Connected at front or rear. 64


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