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P ROCUREMENT COENS has more than 15 years of experience in providing procurement solutions to major projects in Korea. We offer procurement solutions for all stages from engineering through to commissioning. By using our procurement service, clients benefit from our knowledgeable, dedicated procurement team, and competent Procurement Management System. Our purchasing capacity, diversified supply chain and logistical expertise means we can help clients to curb unnecessary procurement-costs. We also operate an Order & Tracking system to ensure information about order status is dispensed to clients transparently and in real-time. By using COENS’ procurement services, you are assured that your products are of top quality and in good hands. COENS helps procure the following: 12

We handle storage for our customers at our centralized bonded warehouses in Ulsan, Busan and Geoje. Our highly flexible storage and delivery capability can be tailored to meet each customer’s requirements. By using our Logistics service, clients benefit with our operational efficiency, improved cash flow from tightly scheduled deliveries, shorter lead times, reduced storage space and costs, and better quality. Great communication, reliability, quick response, and reasonable pricing by COENS have helped us create a trusting relationship with clients. Many of our clients seek our advice on ways to improve their own logistics management. Being a licensed shipping agency in South Korea COENS can also provide assistance to projects during the construction phase, as well as handling of documentation and vessel’s crew during sail away and subsequent delivery to site. COENS offers value-added solutions through the provision of the following services: L OGISTICS Freight transportation, warehousing, and distribution, supply chain solutions - we cover it all. Shipment Service Project Management Warehouse Service Shipping Service 13

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