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2018 COENS Overseas Brochure


Case Study SKARV FPSO Project COENS provides a customized Global Recruitment Solution to a global Oil and Gas company. Background: BP is one of the world’s largest energy companies, and is the operator of the Skarv field, discovered in 1998. Concept studies had demonstrated that the best development solution for this field was a highly advanced FPSO built for harsh-water conditions, with subsea equipment tie-backs. Samsung Heavy Industry in South Korea carried out the fabrication and installation of the hull and topside of the Skarv FPSO. The FPSO arrived from South Korea to Norway in March 2011, was installed and started production in December 2012. Challenge: In 2011 COENS was engaged to recruit skilled local manpower and international consultants for the construction and fabrication stages of the Skarv FPSO and its installation stage in Norway. The major challenges were sourcing the industry’s best qualified personnel, retaining them throughout the project across 2 different geographical location (South Korea and Norway), and achieving total compliance in the process. COENS’ Solution COENS was able meet the recruitment needs of this project, and successfully placed the required 150 personnel in South Korea. 89 of these personnel were required to be mobilized to Norway for the installation stage of the project. Along with providing the best qualified personnel, COENS also ensured total compliance of immigration and visa regulations, labor-law regulations, in-country support, tax regulations and payroll support for all the contractors. A customized approach was employed by COENS to contribute in making this project a success.

COENS offers an array of services on all matters concerning Global Mobility. The global nature and mega scale of oil and gas projects, means that the oil and gas work-force needs support on a global level. COENS understands this and focuses on making the difficult process as effortless as possible for our clients and their personnel. In particular we offer support in several key areas: Immigration, Mobilization, Employment Laws Compliance and Tax Compliance. Our trained consultants provide an unmatched level of support in these key areas at all times ensuring that your assignees have a stress-free stay in the location of assignment. Global Mobility Immigration Mobilization Employment Laws Compliance Tax Compliance •Documents Verification and Legalisation •Exit Procedure •Local Registration •Visa Issuance •Work-Permits •Accommodation* •Airport Pick-up •Bank Account Opening * •Driver’s License Conversion * •Flight Booking •Inter-cultural Training * •International Shipment and Customs Procedures * •Language Training * •Mobile Phone and Car Rentals* •School enrolment* •24-7 Emergency Service •Contract of Employment •International Medical Insurance •Work-permits •Annual Tax Returns •Payment of national Income tax •Tax-Certificate Issuance •Tax reporting •With-holding Tax Quotation * Services offered only in Korea

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