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Kalahi CIDSS MIMAROPA Gazette 1st Quarter 2018

the Official Newsletter of Kalahi CIDSS MIMAROPA


1st Quarter Newsletter Sama-Samang Pagkilos Nang May Malasakit DSWD Kalahi CIDSS MIMAROPA Conducts Regional Sustainability Planning Workshop for 177 Municipalities To gain insights and harvest the lessons gained from the implementation of the 177 modality implementing municipalities of DSWD Kalahi CIDSS NCDDP, the Regional Program Management Office held the Regional Sustainability Planning Workshop last March 5-6, 2018 at the Pearl Hotel Manila. Attended by representatives from 177 municipalities. The participants discussed and shared the community-driven development status in their respective municipalities and the result of the sustainability planning workshop they have conducted on the last quarter of 2017 and first few months of 2018. After the presentations, an Open Forum, moderated by the Regional Community Development Specialist Felomina Duka is conducted which revolve mostly on the clarification on the presented data and discussion on the future ventures of the 177 municipalities towards incorporating CDD in their governance strategy. Furthermore, MAKILAHOK and Organizational Development and Management plans for 2018 were also discussed on the activity. A ceremonial signing of Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) among the 177 municipalities and the Kalahi CIDSS MIMAROPA RPMO has closed the activity. The MOA contained the agreement on adoption of the sustainabilty plan by the 177 municipalities; thus, incorporating the it to their governance strategy. ### Did you know? Local Government has a Gender and Development (GAD) fund for programs and projects to ensure the equal opportunity and treatment of the community to a person regardless of his/her gender. The 5% total fund of a barangay and a municipality is allocated for GAD projects. CVs and MCTs Participated in Community Scorecard Training Manila, Metro Manila-- On March 6-9, 2018, the Department of Social Welfare and Development – KALAHI CIDSS NCDDP hosted a four-day Community Scorecard (CSC) Training at The Pearl Manila Hotel. The activity was facilitated by Regional Community Development Specialist Felomina Duka and Regional Training Officer Ramer Karlo Buot. The use of CSC as a community-monitoring tool will strengthen the program’s engagement with the communities and enhance the accountability reporting. Out of the 64 municipalities in the MIMAROPA region, eight (8) partner-municipalities were selected to roll-out the tool within the first half of the year: Bansud, Gloria, Calatrava, Ferrol, Araceli, Magsaysay (Palawan), Cuyo and Narra. The CSC workshop started by looking at the existing governance context of local public service delivery, and how DSWD Kalahi CIDSS - NCDDP operates in the said framework. This discussion served to structure the succeeding sharing of actual experiences by both community beneficiaries and program implementers in creating participatory monitoring of their localities. The main part of the workshop focused on the creation of an input tracking matrix and two different sets of scorecards that were borne out of the group’s own standards and criteria. The process culminated in an interface meeting wherein service providers and service users discuss the results of their respective scorecards, identify emerging issues, and come to agreements on how to address or resolve these. Workshop sessions on each part of the CSC process featured a module-approach by the resource persons, followed by a hands-on activity wherein participants simulated the step of the CSC activity, and a reflection exercise which tried to draw out insights from the process. ###

1st Quarter Newsletter Sama-Samang Pagkilos Nang May Malasakit Human Chain Activity in Magsaysay, Occidental Mindoro, A Success Magsaysay, Occidental Mindoro—The Human Chain Activity was a successful endeavor. Almost 2,500 people from different Mangyan Sub- Tribes, community volunteers, Pantawid Pamilya beneficiaries, Kalahi CIDSS staff from Regional and National Program Management Office, Municipal Staff, civil society organizations, students, and people from the neighboring town of Sablayan have passed-on sacks of aggregates on the mountainous terrain of Sitio Nalwak to reach Sitio Bambanay. The Human Chain Activity was organized by the Municipal Action Team of DSWD Magsaysay Occidental Mindoro together with the Local Government Unit for the benefit of the Mangyan communities in Sitio Bambanay. The goal of the activity is to deliver aggregates to be used for the construction of the foot trail Sub-Project identified by the IPs in Sitio Bambanay as their most pressing need. This will come in fruition through the “bayanihan” strategy where the people would lineup from Sitio Nalwak up to Sitio Bambanay and would pass sacks of aggregates The activity started from 5 in the morning until 11 in the morning. The distance between Sitio Nalwak and Sitio Bambanay stretches around 2.7 km on a mountainous terrain. There were 20 stations wherein one station stretches to 135 meters. CSOs and youth groups volunteer to the Human Chain Activity and together they can help make the lives of the IPs in Sitio bambanay better The stations begin at station zero (0) where women put aggregates in the sacks and pass it to people in station zero (0) until it reached station twenty. The furthest that the aggregates reached is at station ten (10). However, Area coordinator Rosalie Frane said she is grateful that people have gathered to help to show their support to the IP community. On the other hand, almost 80 individuals from the neighboring town of Sablayan headed by Hon. Eduardo Gadiano participated in the Human Chain Activity as they were transported by four large municipal trucks. Community Volunteers from Sablayan has expressed joy knowing they are able to help their co-volunteers from Magsaysay. Hon. Fajardo and Hon. Gadiano climbed the difficult terrain going to the Sitio Bambanay to personally see the situation of the IPs in the community. Hon. Gadiano then pledged to give solar panels to the community and Hon. Fajardo pledged to give a multi-cab emergency tricycle for easy transport of people and products. The foot trail will respond to the main problems identified by the IPs which is transporting their sick to barangay proper and evacuation of the people during times of calamity. ### Bayanihan knowns no gender and ethnicity

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