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Meat Trig’s Marinated

Meat Trig’s Marinated or Stuffed Boneless Pork Chops2.49lb. Trig’s Chicken Cordon Bleu or Kiev 7 oz. Trig’s Fresh Ground Pork, Pork Sausage or Italian Sausage 2/$5 2.99lb. Trig’s Sicilian Pork Chops or BBQ Ribs on a Stick Smithfield Prime® Pork Spareribs Seafood Certified Angus Beef® Beef Stew or Cube Steak Family Pack 3.99lb. 3.99lb. Gerber’s Amish Farm Whole Frying Chicken 1.69lb. Trig’s Stuffed Orange Roughy Fillets 6 oz. 6.99 2.49lb. Jennie O Marinated Turkey Tenderloins 24 oz. 6.99 Jumbo Cooked Shrimp 16/20 ct. 11.99lb. Fresh Norwegian Salmon Fillets 9.99lb. Susie-Q Boneless Smokes Salmon Fillets Original Flavor 12.99lb. Maryland Style Crab or Lobster Cakes 3 oz. 4/$5 Fresh & Fast! Burgundy Pepper Stew Fresh & Fast! Sweet Chili Salmon Fillets with Stir Fry Vegetables Fresh & Fast! Pork Stir Fry with Vegetables 0411_PG2 6.99lb. 9.99lb. 4.99lb.

Made locally at our Smokehouse Ahhh….the smell of bacon…..introducing Honey BBQ Bacon The award-winning Trig’s Smokehouse brings a new flavor of bacon to the breakfast table… Honey BBQ! Center cut pork gets the perfect cure balancing the savory and smoky sweet with Wisconsin spices and honey. Smoked in their state of the art smokehouse for over 10 hours. Don’t just save it for breakfast though, Trig’s Honey BBQ bacon is perfect for wrapping around a tenderloin or on a B.L.T sandwich at lunch. If you like our Honey BBQ snack sticks you’ll love our Honey BBQ bacon! with coupon Trig’s Smokehouse Summer Sausage 12 oz. Beef, Plain, Garlic, Cheese or Tasmanian Trig’s Smokehouse Mushroom Swiss, Honey Mustard or Tuscan Mozzarella Brats 24 oz. 4.99 $1 OFF per package with coupon Introducing Honey BBQ Trig’s Smokehouse Sliced Bacon Pepper, Honey BBQ & Maple with coupon $1 OFF per package Trig’s Smokehouse Landjeager $1 OFF per package Oscar Mayer Meat Wieners 14-16 oz. 2/$5 Hormel Natural Choice Lunch Meat 6-8 oz. 3.99 Patrick Cudahy Sliced Bacon 12-16 oz. 3.99 Oscar Mayer Sliced Bologna or Cotto Salami 16 oz. 2/$5 Jones Golden Brown Fully Cooked Breakfast Sausage 5-7 oz. Links or Patties 2/$4 0411_PG3