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maryam 8A1 english project second sem

wondering if you could

wondering if you could show me the way to Horizon International School. “ yes sure I’m Amy, I know where that school is. They were on their way to the school when Amy had made a wrong turn. They were facing a street as dark as the night, they stopped looked around and started walking again. “I’m sorry Ally said Amy I must’ve taken a wrong turn or something because I don’t know which street this is!”. It’s alright Amy just as long as we find our way out of here we’ll be fine said Ally even though she still had a worried look in her eyes.

Out of nowhere something went “BANG!!!”, Amy let out a little scream. Oh my goodness, what happened, Ally are you alright, yes I am fine. All or any lights had gone out and there was a hissing sound .”what was that “ exclaimed Ally. There was a deafening silence. “Ally is that your foot on mine” said Amy now more worried than ever, “ no, why “ said Ally “because I can feel something on my foot. Both girls were now slowly being pick up off the ground. “AHHHHH” yelled Amy. Amy? what happened? are you ok ? there was no reply. A moment later. Ally was also gone.

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