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maryam 8A1 english project second sem

The monster looked

The monster looked hideous it had a yellow fur and black eyes with the biggest teeth the girls have ever seen the weirdest thing about this monster was that it only had one eye. . Who is you girls? roared the beast. We are just two girls who lost their way around the city , said Amy. Why would you capture us shouted Ally. Me is hungry ! he said. Please don’t eat us ! we really don’t taste good pleaded Amy. Me is not going to eats you he said me is vegan. Then why did you capture us? What do you want from us! screamed Amy. Because me is very lonely down here he said with a frown if you have not noticed people don’t get along with monsters so well. That is true said Amy starting to feel a bit more relaxed.

The monster freed them from their chains and sat down on his chair saying “me is getting very old”. “I’m sorry, but why do you talk that way” asked Ally. Me is not so very great at speaking English. Well it has been very nice meeting you but must get going because you see our parents must be worried sick about us.

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