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maryam 8A1 english project second sem

Ally kept running and

Ally kept running and running until she heard a familiar voice saying “wake up Ally wake up it is time for school” she opened her eyes to see her mother next to her waking her up from a terrible nightmare. Ally got up and washed her face and while sitting down for breakfast, ally’s phone rang it was Lucy calling her saying” Ally are you at the bus stop”, Ally answered “no, I still have time , my house is close to the bus stop” Ally’s hand started to shake and her feet where getting cold , “alright said Lucy I’ll see you there. Ally’s mom was getting worried about her, so she asked “what wrong dear”, “oh nothing mom why do you ask?”she replied . “well your hand is shaking and you look as if you’ve seen a monster. Breaking into tears Ally explained to her mom the terrible nightmare she had. She told her mom that “the exact same words from the dream popped up today. Her mother told her there was no need to worry and that she will be taking her to school and the monster from the dream was because she read a lot before sleeping the pervious night.

Ally is just a normal girl that gets lost in the city, as she tries to find her way to school she makes a new friend and encounters beasts.

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