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Commando News Issue 12 2018


34 COMMANDO NEWS ~ Edition 12 I 2018

Australian Commando Association VIC Inc. 65 Ashburn Grove, Ashburton VIC 3147 COMMANDO FOR LIFE 1941 - 1946 1955 - President: Doug Knight Secretary: Glenn MacDonald Treasurer: Chris James 0400 877 323 0414 311 093 0438 987 136 Former Sergeant Jim Burrowes, VX136343, served as a Coastwatcher in the South Pacific during World War II. He was always interested to tell the history of the Coastwatchers, the forerunner of M Special Unit, because their secretive and specialist operations were ‘hush hush’ during the war and unknown until many years later. Jim decided to publish the story, including some of his experiences during the war, so that the vital role that Coastwatchers played in winning the war in the Pacific was not lost to posterity. A member of the Australian Commando Association Victoria, Jim gave a compelling address as the speaker at the 2015 Tidal River memorial service, where he also spoke of the origins of the WW2 Commando units. Jim has tremendous knowledge of the Coastwatcher operations in the South pacific area, and of the many tragic incidents that were part of the toll in the war against the Japanese. Jim believes he may be the last Coastwatcher around to tell the history of his organization. See Readers are also welcome to contact Jim by email, THE LAST COASTWATCHER Jim Burrowes OAM at the 2016 WW2 Commando service at Tidal River 15% * OFF SPORTS SHOES Con Bell, Peter Beasley, Jim Burrowes, Glenn MacDonald and Ronald ‘Dixie’ Lee on Anzac Day 2013. RUNNING FOOTBALL + MORE TRAINING NETBALL Go to COMMANDO NEWS ~ Edition 12 I 2018 35

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