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ecause they were delighted to see Valencia from the top. Then, we were in the most commercial street of Valencia and the children could see the large number of shops, cars, people and the atmosphere that there was in that area. It was already 1.00pm so we went to the Turia river. There, we sat in the shade on the grass and ate our sandwiches. When we finished eating, we inflated some water balloons and we played with them. After about five minutes walking, we arrived at the most famous park in Valencia: Gulliver. There, the children played and had a great time. At 5.00pm we took the bus back to Castellón and on the way we asked them what they liked most. They undoubtedly answered: The Gulliver park!. Paula García

THE IMPORTANCE OF ARTS EDUCATION Nowadays, the importance of arts education is often underestimated by many people who have the belief that the school has to develop mathematics and linguistic skills. Traditional education is based on this concept: science, maths or literature play an essential role in our lifes. But, what about arts? Multiple investigations have shown that art education are important too, even necessary for the correct development of the students. In kindergarten for example, art is a language used by children to express how they feel through imagination. . The arts give children the opportunity to explore and create, giving them a new vision Kids with artistic skills are more motivated than others and because of that, they can adapt to their reality easily. Also, the artistic education helps children to improve their self-esteem, to share their feelings or to think about themselves. Moreover, it is important to emphasise the great advantage of education arts: through it we can leave stereotypes, obstacles and prejudices. So, when we talk about artistic education, we refer to subjects such as plastic arts, music or theatre. From our school, we try to offer a lot of interesting activities that improve artistic skills of our students. During this year, we have carried out a painting workshop based on the figure of Picasso, a small band with instruments of percussion, or a performance of “The Little Prince”. We hope that the children have improved their artistic skills and they continue to enjoy and learn with them, we will always try to provide them the tools to make it! MIREIA CAMAÑES ROYO