8 months ago



TRIP TO THE SCHOOL FARM The last 7​ th of may, the class of four years we traveled to school farm near Castellón because the two teachers think that it is very important that child were in contact with the nature. At 8 o'clock we went up to the bus, and we stay there half past hour until arriving to the school farm. In that half hour the children were singing a lot of songs. When we arrived at the school farm, the first thing that we could do was visited the different animals like cows, sheep, horses, pigs, donkeys, goats, chickens and chicks while the farmer explained things about them. When we finished visiting animals, the children had a snack and played a game where one of the group had to represent an animal without speaking and the other companions had to find out the animal. Then, the children could feed rabbits, ducks and sheep. At lunchtime, we could go to the dining room, and we ate spaghetti. Later, we did a mask with plastic plates with the animal that they liked the most. The last thing that we did was see how the farmer milking a cow and how the children liked it so much, the next day in class we did an activity for the children imitated the milking of a cow too. For this, we used gloves that we filled with milk and we tied. Then, we made small holes into gloves so that the milk left. Finally, the teacher distributed the child containers that they could pour the milk there. At last, we had to go back to school around six, but the important thing was that the children had a great day and had a lot of fun. NEREA RODRÍGUEZ RODRÍGUEZ

TRIP TO THE GRAU BEACH One of the last trips we made was to the Grau beach so we could have a healthy picnic with the pupils. As you know, we only asked for the children to wear their swimming suits and bring their own sunscreen. We got in the bus with some toys and the food and got on rute. We had so much fun on the way to the beach! We sung different songs, played ​I Spy and remembered the basic rules we had to follow. To promote the use of english at home, playing I Spy is a great way to practice colors, letters and basic vocabulary. It can be really fun and entertaining for the children. It’s really easy, you only have to say “I spy with my little eye” and add a simple characteristic. When we got to the beach we applied the sunscreen -You always have to be protected against the sun!- and we started playing the games the teachers had planned. Between making sandcastles and digging in the sand, we almost forgot to play the sponge game! If you want to play this game any time you go to the beach or the swimming pool we’ll tell you how. You’ll need at least one sponge, to buckets and water. The game starts with one bucket full of water and another one empty. The objective is to fill the empty bucket using only the sponge. The children have to absorb as much water as they can with the sponge and squeeze it in the other bucket again and again. It seems really simple, but they love doing it and getting wet in the process! When we finished playing, we sat down on the towels to have the picnic. We had water and pineapple juice to drink and a chicken salad sandwich with greek yogurt instead of mayonnaise. The children loved it, this trip was definitely a success. CRISTINA EQUIZA SÁNCHEZ