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BOTTOM OF THE SEA For this summer you could make this wonderful bottom sea. On this holidays you may not be near the beach but with this craft you will feel that you would be there. It is easy to do . If you want to make it, you will need some materials and you will follow some steps. Materials: - A shoe box. - Scissors. - Glue or liquid silicone. - Foamy: you need one blue glitter and foamy of different colours. Steps: - First, cut one side of the box shoe. - Secondly, stick the blue glitter foamy with glue or liquid silicone on the box shoe. - Next, cut the shape of differents aquatics animals and plants. - Finally, stik the animals and plants on the blue glitter foamy. SARA FRANCO ROY

OPINION ESSAY ABOUT HAVE A HEALTHY LIFE Nowadays many children have overweight because they use junk food like chips, processed baked, desserts, candies, sweets, etc. Sometimes some parents don’t have time to make food for their sons because they have to work and therefore they feed them with processed food or sandwiches. On the one hand, it’s very important that both, schools and families, increase healthy food and teach the children to eat fruit and vegetables, because it provides them the energy and vitamins that their body needs. Besides, it is necessary to provide children hot lunch as legumes, soup, etc. even if they don’t like it, because it helps them to have a balanced diet. On the other hand, besides taking care of the feeding it is important that children do exercises. If they don’t like practice general sports like football, basketball, etc. they will do dance, handball, go to the swimming pool, do karate, etc. Apart from this, at weekends they can go with their families to hiking or cycle improving their health and the relationship with their parents. To sum up, it is necessary that children lead a healthy and active life to avoid future health problems and it should be taught since they are small so they can learn the importance of eating well. NEREA RODRÍGUEZ RODRÍGUEZ