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TRIP TO MORELLA Last February our school visited the amazing town of Morella. We decided to travel there because of the possibility of enjoying the snow. Unfortunately, our wishes didn’t come true. However, the teachers prepared a lot of funny and interesting activities for the pupils. We arrived at 10 o’clock and we went to have a snack. After that, we had planned a visit to dinosaur museum of Morella. There was a useful experience because we were studying dinosaurs in our class. Children asked a lot of questions like “how dinosaurs became extinct?” or “which dinosaur was the most dangerous?” Our guide called Alba was so polite and patience and she resolved all doubts. After the visit of the museum it was time to lunch. It was recommended to the parents that the picnic would contain a sandwich, a bottle of water and a piece of fruit. So, every child had a picnic like this, and we went to the “Alameda”, a beautiful park located outskirts of the town. There, the pupils could enjoy the nature: they played freely through the little forest near the park. Moreover, the teachers suggested them to play traditional games like hide-and-seek, jump rope or steal the bacon. At 16 o’clock we went for a stroll to know more about Morella. The children could discover its traditions, for example “the Sexenni”, which is a special party celebrated every 6 years and it commemorates a religious promise. One of child of the class told us that he had visit Morella last year and he got the most out of “the Anunci”, the pre-party of “Sexenni”, in which the inhabitants dressed up, made original floats and threw tonnes of confetti. Finally, when we arrived at the entrance of the castle, our guide was waiting for us. Alba showed us all the curious corners of it and she explained too stories about the battles that took place there. At 19 o’clock while we going away, it started to snow! Kids were amazed and all of them wanted to stay more time in Morella. But, our trip was finished and we had to return. All of us had a great day! MIREIA CAMAÑES ROYO

WAIT FOR YOUR CHILD The year is over, and the little students are now going to spend the whole day at home. That means that you, the parents or someone you trust, are going to become their “teachers”. There is something that you have to take very seriously: to respect their pase. This is a pillar of our school because we take in consideration the needs of our pupils and understanding the rhythm that a child has is fundamental. This doesn't mean that you have to literally walk as slow or as fast as your child does, it means that you have to understand the limits, goals, needs and wants that he or she has and act with them in mind. For example, we don't teach 3 years olds how to do math equations because they're not ready for it. You have to keep in mind the level of development your child has and act accordingly. We’re sure you have your child’s best interest at heart, so we want to help you become the best “teacher” you can be this summer. When answering their questions, try using words and expressions they already know. When making questions yourself, wait until your child finishes expressing themself. Even when you know what they are going to say, it's important to be patient and to let them speak. Even if they say something wrong, it'll make them better speakers. On that note, when your child says a word badly, the appropriate way to correct them is rephrasing what they said with the right words. For example, when a child says “Her name are Maria” a teacher would say “Oh, her name is Maria? Thank you for telling me.”. We hope that this article helps you understand your children and how to approach this summer. CRISTINA EQUIZA SÁNCHEZ WHAT'S NEW IN EDUCATION As you know, in this school we use the new technologies with our students to help them learn. This has many benefits, even in young learners like your children.