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On demand best live streaming apps for iPhone Livza

Live streaming – is a live broadcast of all actions occurring on a particular device. It allows thousands of users to watch in real time what makes an interesting person. The most popular social media apps as Facebook, Instagram and Periscope launched live streams to allow users show their activity in real time.

Home Page This page

Home Page This page shows list of live and record videos which user have publish their streamings from recent order. Live video should always shows first, after that recorded video will list.

Live Streaming Page Video Details Watching Live video streaming in a background with comment, like and live viewers are showing over the video to get the excellent UI experience. Any user who view the video can comment their thoughts, that comment will get hide after 5 seconds. Also anyone once join the video, the live viewers and publisher get notified. Viewers can see the details of live video broadcasting like showing title, total number of viewers and publisher details. Report broadcast will getting know the admin to find the video as inappropriate or not.

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