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Petromin marine and offshore Jan-Feb Issue

Petromin Marine & Offshore is a magazine dedicated to the technology of the oil & gas and marine industries in all its forms. Within the pages of the magazine you will find information, based on technical articles from the experts in their respective fields, as well as reports on various topics relating to the industry as a whole. Also within the pages of Petromin Marine & Offshore you will find interviews, case studies and field reports written by our staff or technical correspondents. We also cater to the IT, instrumentation and control of the energy and marine industries. 26 Bids & Pieces 36 Scene & Heard Technology Covering both energy and marine activities and starting from the technology of seismic surveying, through interpretation and application, we will present articles on all aspects of drilling, reservoir treatment, well treatment, testing, completion, through to production, storage and transportation. Pipelines figure highly in the technology covered as does FPSOs, drilling rigs, production platforms and gas handling equipment. While we are indebted to our regular contributors, we are at all times on the lookout for new material and if you or your company have a technology you would like to share, or a paper you feel deserves publication, please do contact us at with your suggestions. If there are aspects of the upstream industry you feel are missing from our coverage, please do e-mail us and tell us. We will do our best to supply coverage of that aspect in the future. 42 Powering the Seas Compared to direct diesel drives, diesel electric propulsion systems are technically and operationally superior in virtually all applications. This superiority has been a major reason for the steadily growing demand for diesel-electric main drives in marine engineering applications. 50 Era of Automation Despite being one if the driving industries of cutting-edge technology the oil and gas industry still seems resistant to rig automation. The recent depressed oil prices have nudged the industry to embrace the technology. This article looks at some of the benefits and proponents of rig automation. Regular Focus 04 Editorial 26 Bids & Pieces 36 Scene & Heard 59 Calendar of Events 57 Subscription Form MCI (P) 101/02/2018 ISSN 0129-1122 Published by Mediabuz Pte Ltd. Printed by KHL Printing Co Pte Ltd 2 January to February 2018


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