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Petromin marine and offshore Jan-Feb Issue

ores are then drilled,

ores are then drilled, starting at an angle and proceeding horizontally to meet at the base of the top hole; these are used to dewater the rock and encourage the gas to flow. The third type of rig installs the tubing and downhole pumps needed to operate the well. The associated SCADAdrill IT system, also nicknamed “rig in a box”, receives real time information from the rig through all of the sensors. It monitors drilling parameters, determines appropriate controls that need to be communicated back to the rig, and navigates the course of the wellbore. In a few words SCADAdrill can act to manipulate the mud flow rate, top drive velocity, and rotary RPM. Shell has developed the algorithms that will work in tandem with the Main Rig Control System equipment, and downhole tools to optimize vibrations, ROP, and other downhole parameters to directionally steer the wells to target. It was mainly designed for low-cost land drilling in unconventional plays (coal bed methane, heavy oil, and some shale gas), where development involved several similar wells. Anyhow the same technology can be utilized in different application. The rig control system allows the driller to switch to manual mode anytime. What Is SCADAdrill In 2011, Shell reached an agreement with China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) to develop jointly a well manufacturing system that can repeatedly drill and complete standardised wells in an automated manner. Such a system will help us unlock resources that so far had been uneconomic to develop. A new Shell technology – SCADAdrill – will play an important role in the well manufacturing system. SCADAdrill is the control software that enables computerised drilling to proceed autonomously, with continual self-adjustment of the bit trajectory. In this way, well engineers can be kept away from the worksite hazards as drilling proceeds faster and more reliably. The Shell/CNPC venture expects to build nine of these automated rigs in 2012 and offer support services on a world-wide basis. • An Intelligent Auto Driller taking over the Driller’s joysticks • A batch-oriented software which simultaneously adjusts rotation, carriage travel, mud flow, and DD systems. • Current status: ‘Auto Driller’ for selected Well sections • Future: Expand to ‘all’ Well sections The Drillmec rigs recently supplied in Australia are in the final stage of development to match the latest Shell standards for rig control automation. The HH Series rigs are fully automatic as far as its drill pipe handling system. Drillmec stepped up to the next level by adding a cyber-chair and by creating a fully digitalized control system, creates the perfect machine to achieve automation of the rig control itself. NOV Integrated Rig Controls enhance and improve the driller’s control over rig equipment, improving drilling efficiency and increasing safety for all personnel. 54 January to February 2018

Drilling rigs continue to add more equipment and more functionality - complicating the driller’s task to control all the equipment. Since 1995, integrated control systems have been deployed to optimize the man-machine interface. Graphical User Interface (GUI) solutions make it easier to control a wide range of drilling equipment through a consistent user interface. AMPHION Integrated Drilling Control System The AMPHION Integrated Drilling Control System is a high-availability integrated rig control system for managing, controlling, and monitoring rig floor equipment in independent and activity-based operations. The system is designed to allow operators to focus on Drilling, Tripping, and Stand-Building processes by providing an efficient and intuitive rig floor command center. The AMPHION Integrated Drilling Control System is interactive through the use of color-graphic data and control screens viewed on any of the AMPHION Touchscreens integrated into the operator workstations. Touchscreens allow the Driller, Assistant Driller, or Pipehandler to supervise and control all drillingrelated functions. The main elements of the AMPHION Integrated Drilling Control System are the Multi-Tool Control Cabinet, which houses control modules and network devices, one or more operator workstations, and one or more control modules to drive the rig equipment. All modules include an AMPHION Tool Controller, communication hardware, and user software interface functionality. The design avoids single point failures through a robust network with redundant touchscreens running in parallel. January to February 2018 55

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