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Consumables / Machine Additives GMS Glass Washing Additive GMS Glass Washing Additive is a neutral, non-ionic detergent for glass washing, designed for use in the insulating glass industry. The product is also suitable for washing before laminated glass production as well as before coating and tempering. Usage During proper application the additive has no negative effect on the subsequent sealing, the post-connected refinement processes are not influenced and the product is virtually foam free. Features • Recommended application temperatures (40° - 60°C) • Has no negative effect on the ion exchange system • Does not attack soft coated glass Packaging: 20l drum GTS Ceripol GTS Ceripol is a cerium oxide polishing powder refined from the highest quality rare earth materials available. The compound has a uniform particle size and a high concentration of rare earth oxides to provide the best bright polishing finish in all applications. The slurry temperature should be maintained at ±35°C for optimum performance. Packaging: 1kg and 5kg bags 182 Product Catalogue For Glass Processors & IG Manufacturers

Consumables / Machine Additives Kömmerling Köralub Köralub is a colourless lubricant for the seals, plungers and cylinders of two-component sealant pumps. It is applied with a brush to the clean surface of the following plate seal or placed inside the provided lubricant bin. The lubricant reduces precipitations of materials which cure by humidity and reduces waste. Packaging: Available in 1l containers GMS Anti-Freeze/Coolant Anti-freeze, which is also called coolant, is a chemical additive which lowers the freezing point of a water-based liquid. The key component of antifreeze is ethylene glycol which prevents water from freezing even at temperatures of up to -30°C and is suitable for a various applications including with the freezer cabinet for sealant pumps. Packaging: 20l drum Email: | Web: 183