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Consumables / Glass Marking GTS Glass Etch GTS Glass Etch is a glass marking kit that includes self-adhesive stencils, pre-cut in a factory with your required company logo and text, as well as the appropriate amount of glass marking fluid and brushes. The kit allows companies in the glass industry to comply with SANS 1263-1 and SABS marking requirements. Features • Non-toxic and non-corrosive - will not harm skin • No protective clothing is required during application • Quick and easy - marking is complete in 90 seconds • Produces a clear, permanent etch mark every time Minimum order: 250 stencils (4 bottles of glass marking fluid) Maximum size of stencil: 55mm x 40mm Are you missing the mark? AAAMSA has reminded the industry that the Minister of the Department of Trade and Industry declared the standard (SANS 1263–1) a mandatory standard applicable to safety glazing materials for use in the building industry. In terms of the National Building Regulations all individual panes of safety glazing materials installed must have a permanent marking which includes the code. The mark may consist of the glaziers name or initials together with the relevant glass code. AAAMSA urges members to use only laminated glass stock sheets displaying the SABS mark together with the markings required in terms of SANS 1263–1. 184 Product Catalogue For Glass Processors & IG Manufacturers

Surface Protection Products Surface Protection Products Our surface protection products comprise various coatings, cleaners, tapes, films, pads and protectors for the preservation of a wide variety of surfaces including glass, mirrors, windows, laminated and insulated glass units, porcelain and ceramics as well as aluminium, steel and uPVC profiles or frames. The products range from removable tapes, films, pads and protectors to permanent tapes and coatings and high-performance cleaners for protection of surfaces during handling, transportation, storage, installation and maintenance. Email: | Web: 185