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Test Equipment & Instruments / Glass Evaluation GTS Low-E Coating Detector The GTS Low-E Detector is an easy-to-use tool that detects Low-E surface coatings on glass. The detector is a valuable tool to use in the production environment to confirm the orientation of the Low-E glass. The detector is powered by a 9-Volt alkaline battery, that is long-lasting and easily replaceable. CRL CD1 Coating Detector The CRL CD1 is a conductive Low-E coating detector which provides positive identification of the coated side of glass upon direct contact with the glass surface. This tool will prove itself invaluable to insulating glass fabricators who need to verify coatings and assure correct assembly procedures. Features • Verifies that no Low-E surface is inadvertently exposed • Edge stops limit scratching in centre viewing area • Red indicator lights up on contact with Low-E • Small enough to fit in your shirt pocket CRL CD2 Coating Detector The CRL CD2 is a non-contact Low-E coating detector that is a durable, dependable tool for use by fabricating, sales and service personnel who need to verify the presence of Low-E glass coatings. The CD2 is placed against the glass surface and the button is pushed to activate. Features • Assures various professionals that coating is present • Visual red LED indicator and audible signal on finding • Slips comfortably into shirt pocket or briefcase 210 Product Catalogue For Glass Processors & IG Manufacturers

Test Equipment & Instruments / Glass Evaluation AE1601 ETEKT+ Low-E Detector The AE1601 ETEKT+ Low-E Detector is a rugged, hand-held device for detecting the presence and location of Low-E coatings, on single and double pane glass, with a definitive, non-destructive test. The AE1601 is the second generation ETEKT+ device and is accurate, easy-to-use and features improved reliability and temperature stability. Usage The AE1601 ensures proper orientation of the Low-E coating during IG fabrication to avoid damage from the washing machine brushes, proves to the customer that the coating is present prior to installation and confirms that the Low-E coating is properly installed into a double pane IG unit with a single test from a single side. The device is simply placed flat on the glass surface, the button is pressed and the results are shown. Triple pane windows can be checked by testing both sides. For full triple pane Low-E detection, see the Glass-Chek PRO. Features • Capable of testing 2-6mm single lites of glass in single pane mode • Capable of testing 2-3mm double pane glass with 6-14mm air space from one side • Thicker IG units, as well as larger air spaces, can be tested in single pane mode • Capable of maintaining accurate results across a wider range of temperatures • A handheld, portable device powered by 9-volt battery (included) • Flashing low battery LED indicator to indicate battery needs replacing Email: | Web: 211