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Test Equipment & Instruments / Insulated Glass Evaluation Gasglass Handheld V2 The Gasglass Handheld V2 is a non-invasive tool designed for checking the Argon or Krypton gas concentration in insulated glass units. The Gasglass device uses plasma emission spectroscopy based technology to provide quick and accurate measurements. It can be used by IG manufacturers, window and door manufacturers, testing laboratories, building quality inspectors and construction consultants to easily verify the gas filling process. Features • Device is simply placed against unit button is pressed and instant result is received • Technology allows multiple measurements with high repeatability and accuracy • Allows checking of the units at any point of the production process • Used on a daily basis for production quality control around the world Specifications Dimensions 265mm x 190mm x 90mm Weight 2kg Operating temperature 0 - 35°C Humidity 0-90% R.H. (Non-condensing) Main power supply 16,8 V Li-Ion battery 2.0 Ah Power consumption 40W Charging Li-Ion battery charger Data logging capability 1900 measurements Display 128px x 64px LCD screen 214 Product Catalogue For Glass Processors & IG Manufacturers

Test Equipment & Instruments / Insulated Glass Evaluation Inagas TestOxy 2 The TestOxy 2 is an invasive tool for checking the concentration of gas in an insulated glass unit including Argon, Krypton, Xenon or mixed gases. The tool is easyto-use and powered by maintenance-free batteries which are easy to recharge using the charger provided. The tester can be used by IG manufacturers who have passed the EN 1279 parts 2 and 3 for gas-filled units to maintain their certification and ensure continued consistency of quality. Usage The testing is done by pressing the start button, the LED display starts by showing the Inagas logo which indicates the warm up and calibration sequence has started. The screen will then display 00 and is ready to take a gas sample. Insert the probe into the unit, press start and the reading will show the percentage of gas in the unit. Features • Single button user operation • Impact resistant case • Accurate oxygen sensor • Display with screen light • Built-in pump Equipment • Sample hose • Re-Charging unit • Piercing Tool • Manual • Calibration Certificate Specifications Dimensions Weight Power 140mm x 85mm x 45mm 400g Alkaline AA cells Email: | Web: 215