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Test Equipment & Instruments / Insulated Glass Evaluation Super Spacer® Test Kit The Super Spacer® Test Kit contains RH indicator cards and instructions to determine the drying capacity of Super Spacer® material, by fabricating a small sample unit. Prior to IG fabrication, it is essential that the desiccant material is not preloaded with moisture. Super Spacer® material which does not pass the desiccant activity test should be discarded, to ensure the quality of units made. Molecular Sieve Test Kit The Molecular Sieve Test Kit assists IG manufacturers in identifying 3A molecular sieve. The effective, easy to use “3A Identifier” allows manufacturers to perform a simple test to differentiate between real and imitation desiccant and assess the quality of the desiccant, thus preventing the use of bad quality or corrosive desiccant in the IG unit. The test is based on the volume of gas desorption, the lower the gas desorption the better the quality of the desiccant. Delta-T Test Kit The Delta-T test is the industry standard for determining the activity of molecular sieve prior to usage in an IG unit. Active molecular sieve generates heat upon contact with water - the more active it is, the more heat it will generate. The Delta-T test indicates whether the molecular sieve is pre-loaded with moisture (i.e. near exhaustion and therefore unusable) by measuring the temperature change. 216 Product Catalogue For Glass Processors & IG Manufacturers

Test Equipment & Instruments / Insulated Glass Evaluation D-100 IG Dew Point Tester The D-100 apparatus has been developed for measuring the dew/frost point of sealed insulating glass units, which is one of the most common indicators of IG performance. The quick and easy-to-use apparatus is recognized by the IGCC and IGMA as standard apparatus for dew/ frost point measurements and is an excellent tool for research and production quality control. Usage The measurement is taken by placing the apparatus against the exterior glass surface of the unit, and successively lowering the temperature of the measuring surface until the moisture vapour within the air space begins to condense on the lower interior glass surface in the form of dew or frost. The apparatus can be used in any orientation, the unit can be measured in a horizontal position or a vertical position by means of a simple vertical attachment. Features • Single apparatus can be used in the laboratory, field and plant • Meets the requirements for ASTM standards E-546 and E-576 • Quick and easy to use - 10-15 measurements can be done per hour • Reliable and repeatable measurements Specifications Diameter of measuring surface 25.4mm Capacity of dry ice 295cm 3 Operating time per charge Dew/frost point range 3-4 hours Room temperature to -74°C Email: | Web: 217