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Glossary Of Terms / A

Glossary Of Terms / A Annealing lehr A special oven where glass is cooled in controlled temperature zones to give glass that can be cut, processed and handled. Cooling glass Rollers Anti-bandit glazing Glazing that is more resistant to attack than normal glass. Usually a laminate with a thicker interlayer than normal. Antique glass Glass with an uneven surface and bubbles inside to give the appearance of glass made before the development of industrial processes. Application life Time during which a sealant can be effectively applied to a joint. The timing is from completion of mixing and could be affected by temperature, humidity or a combination of both. Also known as working life. Argon Gas that is used in insulated glass units to improve the thermal insulation. See Gas Filling. Arris A small bevel at an angle of approximately 45 degrees to the surface of the glass applied usually with a wet or dry belt, stone or machine. Removes sharpness of the glass. Arrised edge One which has had an arris applied as below. Rough arrised edge Edge is cut Rough arrised edge Aspect ratio The ratio of the longer side of a panel to its shorter side. Autoclave A vessel used for the production of laminated glass that works at high temperatures and pressure to bond the glass and PVB interlayers together to produce a finished product. 222 Product Catalogue For Glass Processors & IG Manufacturers

Glossary Of Terms / B Backing Rod A polyethylene or polyurethane foam material installed in the joint to control sealant joint depth. It provides a surface for sealant tooling. It serves as a bond breaker to prevent threesided adhesion. Back Putty The portion of the putty left between the back of the rebate and glass after the glass has been pressed into position in the bedding putty. Balustrade A framed or unframed enclosure between handrail and floor level (see also handrail). Required to protect a difference in level of 1m or more. Bead A strip of timber, aluminium or other suitable material secured to the rebate to retain the glass in place (sometimes referred to as a glazing bead). Bedding Setting a glass or insulating glass panel into a sealing compound. Bevelling The process of grinding and polishing a sloped angle on the face of the edge of flat glass. Used for decoration and when two pieces of glass are butt jointed at an angle. Bevel both sides The edges to both surface sides of the glass are bevelled. Bevel to butt The process of producing a small mitre bevel to butt edges typically on mirrors. Bevel width Residual edge Bite The width of silicone sealant that is applied to the panel of glass to adhere it to the frame. This is also known as the structural bite. Blemish A noticeable imperfection in or on the surface of the glass. Blister A large gaseous inclusion in glass. Small bubbles less than 2mm diameter are referred to as seeds. Block A small piece of lead, wood, santoprene, rubber or other suitable material used to position glass in a frame. Refer to setting/spacer blocks. Email: | Web: 223