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Glossary Of Terms / B

Glossary Of Terms / B Bloom A surface defect on glass resulting from atmospheric attack or deposition by smoke or other vapours. Blow - in A separation of glass and interlayer at or close to the edge of laminated glass. Body tinted glass Glass produced by the addition of metal oxides to the normal raw materials for making clear glass. This does not affect the basic properties except for the colour and solar energy transmission. Refer to Tinted Glass. Bond The attachment at an interface between two substrates. Borosilicate Glass that contains boron and silica. Boron improves resistance to thermal shock. Bow Not straight or flat - has a bend. Break pattern The resultant pattern formed by the cracks within an individual piece of glass when broken. Breather tube A tube installed into an insulated glass spacer when the unit is made. Primarily used when IGUs are being installed at high altitudes where the pressure is different. These tubes must be sealed on the job site prior to unit installation. Refer to Capillary Tube. Brewster’s fringes A rainbow effect sometimes seen in double glazing caused by the light changing direction from identical thicknesses of glass. Brilliant cut Decorative process in which designs are cut into glass with abrasive and polishing wheels. Refer to V cut. British thermal units Amount of energy (in imperial units) needed to raise one pound of water from 63°F to 64°F. Bronze glass Glass with a bronze tint. Bubble Air or glass captured in glass. In laminated glass, a gas pocket in the interlayer material or between the glass and the interlayer. Bullet resistant glass A multiple laminate of glass that is designed to resist penetration from bullets. 224 Product Catalogue For Glass Processors & IG Manufacturers

Glossary Of Terms / B-C Bullion A glass panel having a formed antique style circle in its centre for decorative effect. Originally the cut out from glass made by the Crown Process. Bull nose Decorative edge for glass. In the form of a quarter circle, of half of the cut edge of the glass. The remaining surface edge is slightly rounded. Also known as half round. Butt joint A joint in which the structural units are joined to place the adhesive or sealant into tension or compression. Butt glazing The installation of glass products where the vertical glass edges are glazed with silicone and without structural supporting mullions. Similar to Butt Joint. CAD Computer Aided Design. Cantilevered balustrade The use of glass in a balustrade where it forms a structural enclosure or barrier. The glass is fixed directly into channels or fixings. The glass takes all loads directly back to its fixing point. Canopy An overhead covering for a door or window designed to keep rain off. Capillary tube A very small stainless steel or aluminium tube of specific length and inside diameter. A pressure regulation device that allows the pressure inside an insulated glass unit to be equalised with atmospheric pressure. Refer to Breather Tube. Casement window Window, pivoted or opening on side hinges. Cast glass Glass produced by ‘casting’. Molten glass is either poured into a mould or glass is heated up in a mould until it assumes the shape of the mould. Cast in place Laminate produced by pouring resin between two or more sheets of glass which are held in place. The resin then cures to a solid. Centre tension Tension stress within the centre zone of toughened glass. On the surfaces of the toughened glass there will be compressive stress. Ceramic enamel The coating applied to glass to give a decorative finish. This is usually a ceramic ink that is applied to glass which is then toughened. Email: | Web: 225