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Glossary Of Terms / F-G

Glossary Of Terms / F-G Flashing A weatherproof skin or material which must be compatible with the framing materials, installed in such a manner as to waterproof the installation in the building. Flat glass A general term that describes float glass, sheet glass, plate glass and rolled glass. Flat ground edge Glass, the cut edges of which are machine ground flat and the surface edges are slightly arrised without a final polish. Float glass A transparent glass, the two surfaces of which are flat, parallel and fire polished so that they give a clear undistorted vision and reflection. Float glass is manufactured by floating a ribbon of molten glass over a bath of liquid tin which has a greater density than that of glass. Molten glass Molten glass Cutter Molten tin Float chamber Annealing Iehr Rollers Flush glazing Glass glazed to an aluminium frame without any external mullion or transom projections. Fracture pattern The resultant pattern formed by the cracks within an individual pane of glass when broken. Frit Raw materials mixed together and melted to form glass. Frosted finish A surface treatment for glass, consisting of acid etching or sandblasting one or both surfaces to diffuse transmitted light. Gas filling The filling of the unit cavity of sealed insulated glass with an inert gas, such as Argon, to improve its thermal performance. Gaskets A pre-formed resilient rubber-like compound. This provides a continuous surround for glass and a weather tight seal when compressed. Georgian bars Georgian bars can be used to create colonial style, multi-pane windows. See Colonial bars. 232 Product Catalogue For Glass Processors & IG Manufacturers

Glossary Of Terms / G Georgian wired glass Glass with a wire mesh inside. The glass may be cast or clear polished. Has fire resistant properties. Refer to Pyroshield. Gilding A process employed largely for lettering and decorative work. Leaf metal such as gold leaf is applied to the surface of glass and coated with a protective medium. Girth The measurement around the outside of a curve or bend. Glare Too much illumination or contrast between lit and unlit areas which causes difficulty with vision. Glass Non-crystalline solid substance which is usually transparent. Made by fusing sand with other materials. Glass block A rectangular or square hollow block made of cast glass. Made in a range of shapes to fit with masonry. Glass blocks are usually translucent, produce an even distribution of light, and are patterned on the interior or exterior face(s) to obscure through-vision. Also known as Glass Brick. Glass-clad polycarbonate Two or more panels of flat glass bonded with a urethane interlayer to one or more sheets of extruded polycarbonate in a laminating process. More resistant to attack than a PVB laminate of the same thickness. Glass surface positioning Each glass surface is numbered starting from the surface facing the exterior to the surface facing the interior of the building. For example: A single monolithic glass has surfaces 1 and 2. A double glazed unit comprising of monolithic glass has surfaces 1, 2, 3 and 4. Glazing Installing glass in sash, frames, and window walls. Glazing bar An aluminium extrusion typically used for glazing systems in roofs. Glazing quality The standard float glass quality supplied to buildings unless otherwise specified. Glazing shoe A mechanical fixing at the end of a sloped glazing bar to stop the glass panel sliding past the bar at the gutter or exposed end. Email: | Web: 233